locClass: Collection of Local Classification Methods

Collection of diverse local classification methods such as local versions of linear discriminant analysis, Fisher discriminant analysis and logistic regression.

AuthorJulia Schiffner and Stefanie Hillebrand
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJulia Schiffner <schiffner@statistik.tu-dortmund.de>

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Man pages

constant: Constant Classifier

constantModel: Combine Model-based Recursive Partitioning with a Constant...

dalda: Discriminant Adaptive Linear Discriminant Analysis

dalr: Discriminant Adaptive Logistic Regression

damultinom: Discriminant Adaptive Multinomial Log-linear Models

dannet: Discriminant Adaptive Neural Network

daqda: Discriminant Adaptive Quadratic Discriminant Analysis

dasvm: Discriminant Adaptive Support Vector Machine


FLXMCLconstant: Mixtures of Constant Classifiers

FLXMCLlda: Mixtures of Linear Discriminant Analysis Models

FLXMCLmultinom: Mixtures of Multinomial Regression Models

FLXMCLnnet: Mixtures of Neural Networks

FLXMCLqda: Mixtures of Quadratic Discriminant Analysis Models

FLXMCLsvm: Mixtures of Support Vector Machines

FLXPwlda: Creator Function for the Concomitant Variable Model based on...

FLXPwlda-class: Class "FLXPwlda"

kda: Kernel Classification Rules

kmc: K-Means Classification

ldaModel: Combine Model-based Recursive Partitioning with Linear...

multinomModel: Combine Model-based Recursive Partitioning with Multinomial...

myfitted: Extract Fitted Values

mypredict: Predict Values

nnetGradient: Calculate value of objective function and gradient for a...

nnetModel: Combine Model-based Recursive Partitioning with Neural...

oslda: Observation Specific Linear Discriminant Analysis

osmultinom: Observation Specific Multinomial Log-linear Models

osnnet: Observation Specific Neural Networks

osqda: Observation Specific Quadratic Discriminant Analysis

ossvm: Observation Specific Support Vector Machines

predict.constant: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on the Constant...

predict.dalda: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on Discriminant...

predict.dalr: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on Discriminant...

predict.damultinom: Predict New Examples by a Trained Discriminant Adaptive...

predict.dannet: Predict New Examples by a Trained Discriminant Adaptive...

predict.daqda: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on Discriminant...

predict.dasvm: Predict Method for Discriminant Adaptive Support Vector...

predict.kda: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on Kernel Rules

predict.kmc: K-means Classification

predict.oslda: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on Observation...

predict.osmultinom: Predict New Examples Based on Observation Specific...

predict.osnnet: Predict New Examples Based on Observation Specific Neural...

predict.osqda: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on Observation...

predict.ossvm: Predict New Observations with Observation Specific Support...

predict.wlda: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on Weighted Linear...

predict.wqda: Classify Multivariate Observations Based on Weighted...

predict.wsvm: Predict New Examples by a Trained (Weighted) Support Vector...

qdaModel: Combine Model-based Recursive Partitioning with Quadratic...

svmModel: Combine Model-based Recursive Partitioning with Support...

wfs: Generation of Window Functions

wlda: Weighted Linear Discriminant Analysis

wqda: Weighted Quadratic Discriminant Analysis

wsvm: Weighted Support Vector Machines


biweight Man page
cauchy Man page
constant Man page
constant.data.frame Man page
constant.default Man page
constant.formula Man page
constant.matrix Man page
constantModel Man page
cosine Man page
dalda Man page
dalda.data.frame Man page
dalda.default Man page
dalda.formula Man page
dalda.matrix Man page
dalr Man page
dalr.data.frame Man page
dalr.default Man page
dalr.formula Man page
dalr.matrix Man page
damultinom Man page
dannet Man page
dannet.data.frame Man page
dannet.default Man page
dannet.formula Man page
dannet.matrix Man page
daqda Man page
daqda.data.frame Man page
daqda.default Man page
daqda.formula Man page
daqda.matrix Man page
dasvm Man page
dasvm.default Man page
dasvm.formula Man page
deviance.multinom Man page
deviance.nnet Man page
deviance.wlda Man page
deviance.wqda Man page
deviance.wsvm Man page
epanechnikov Man page
estfun.constant Man page
estfun.multinom Man page
estfun.nnet Man page
estfun.wlda Man page
estfun.wqda Man page
estfun.wsvm Man page
exponential Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMCLconstant-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMCLlda-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMCLmultinom-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMCLnnet-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMCLqda-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXMCLsvm-method Man page
FLXgetModelmatrix,FLXPwlda-method Man page
FLXMCL Man page
FLXMCL-class Man page
FLXMCLconstant Man page
FLXMCLconstant-class Man page
FLXMCLlda Man page
FLXMCLlda-class Man page
FLXMCLmultinom Man page
FLXMCLmultinom-class Man page
FLXMCLnnet Man page
FLXMCLnnet-class Man page
FLXMCLqda Man page
FLXMCLqda-class Man page
FLXMCLsvm Man page
FLXMCLsvm-class Man page
FLXPwlda Man page
FLXPwlda-class Man page
gaussian Man page
kda Man page
kda.data.frame Man page
kda.default Man page
kda.formula Man page
kda.matrix Man page
kmc Man page
kmc.data.frame Man page
kmc.default Man page
kmc.formula Man page
kmc.matrix Man page
ldaModel Man page
multinomModel Man page
myfitted Man page
myfitted,flexmix-method Man page
mypredict Man page
mypredict,FLXdist-method Man page
nnetGradient Man page
nnetModel Man page
optcosine Man page
oslda Man page
oslda.data.frame Man page
oslda.default Man page
oslda.formula Man page
oslda.matrix Man page
osmultinom Man page
osnnet Man page
osnnet.default Man page
osnnet.formula Man page
osqda Man page
osqda.data.frame Man page
osqda.default Man page
osqda.formula Man page
osqda.matrix Man page
ossvm Man page
ossvm.default Man page
ossvm.formula Man page
predict.constant Man page
predict.constantModel Man page
predict.dalda Man page
predict.dalr Man page
predict.damultinom Man page
predict.dannet Man page
predict.daqda Man page
predict.dasvm Man page
predict.kda Man page
predict.kmc Man page
predict.ldaModel Man page
predict.multinomModel Man page
predict.nnetModel Man page
predict.oslda Man page
predict.osmultinom Man page
predict.osnnet Man page
predict.osqda Man page
predict.ossvm Man page
predict.qdaModel Man page
predict.svmModel Man page
predict.wlda Man page
predict.wqda Man page
predict.wsvm Man page
qdaModel Man page
rectangular Man page
reweight.constantModel Man page
reweight.ldaModel Man page
reweight.multinomModel Man page
reweight.nnetModel Man page
reweight.qdaModel Man page
reweight.svmModel Man page
svmModel Man page
triangular Man page
update.kmc Man page
wfs Man page
wlda Man page
wlda.data.frame Man page
wlda.default Man page
wlda.formula Man page
wlda.matrix Man page
wqda Man page
wqda.data.frame Man page
wqda.default Man page
wqda.formula Man page
wqda.matrix Man page
wsvm Man page
wsvm.default Man page
wsvm.formula Man page


R/dasvm.R R/Model_svm.R R/daqda.R R/dannet.R R/checkwf.R R/generatewf.R R/FLXP.R R/Model_multinom.R R/wlda.R R/Model_qda.R R/oslda.R R/kda.R R/constant.R R/damultinom.R R/Model_nnet.R R/dalda.R R/ossvm.R R/Model_lda.R R/FLXMCL.R R/FLXMCLlda.R R/osqda.R R/Model_constant.R R/wsvm.R R/kmc.R R/FLXMCLconstant.R R/FLXMCLmultinom.R R/FLXMCLsvm.R R/FLXMCLqda.R R/dalr.R R/osnnet.R R/osmultinom.R R/FLXMCLnnet.R R/wqda.R
inst/tests/test_FLXMCLconstant.R inst/tests/test_osnnet.R inst/tests/test_dasvm.R inst/tests/test_wqda.R inst/tests/test_damultinom.R inst/tests/test_mobMultinomModel.R inst/tests/test_constant.R inst/tests/test_wlda.r inst/tests/test_FLXMCLnnet.R inst/tests/test_FLXMCLlda.R inst/tests/test_mobLdaModel.R inst/tests/test_dannet.R inst/tests/test_daqda.R inst/tests/test_osmultinom.R inst/tests/test_mobSvmModel.R inst/tests/test_wsvm.R inst/tests/test_dalda.r inst/tests/test_FLXMCLqda.R inst/tests/test_ossvm.R inst/tests/test_kda.R inst/tests/test_FLXMCLmultinom.R inst/tests/test_osqda.R inst/tests/test_mobNnetModel.R inst/tests/test_mobQdaModel.R inst/tests/test_FLXMCLsvm.R inst/tests/test_dalr.r inst/tests/test_oslda.R inst/tests/test_mobConstantModel.R
man/predict.wsvm.Rd man/oslda.Rd man/FLXMCLconstant.Rd man/osmultinom.Rd man/mypredict.Rd man/nnetGradient.Rd man/dalda.Rd man/myfitted.Rd man/predict.kmc.Rd man/predict.dannet.Rd man/FLXMCLlda.Rd man/constantModel.Rd man/FLXMCL.Rd man/ldaModel.Rd man/wlda.Rd man/predict.dalr.Rd man/multinomModel.Rd man/kmc.Rd man/predict.oslda.Rd man/predict.daqda.Rd man/wsvm.Rd man/svmModel.Rd man/predict.dasvm.Rd man/wqda.Rd man/FLXPwlda-class.Rd man/qdaModel.Rd man/predict.dalda.Rd man/dasvm.Rd man/wfs.Rd man/osnnet.Rd man/predict.wqda.Rd man/FLXMCLnnet.Rd man/constant.Rd man/predict.osnnet.Rd man/FLXMCLsvm.Rd man/kda.Rd man/osqda.Rd man/dannet.Rd man/FLXMCLmultinom.Rd man/dalr.Rd man/predict.wlda.Rd man/predict.damultinom.Rd man/daqda.Rd man/FLXPwlda.Rd man/nnetModel.Rd man/predict.constant.Rd man/predict.kda.Rd man/damultinom.Rd man/FLXMCLqda.Rd man/predict.osqda.Rd man/predict.osmultinom.Rd man/ossvm.Rd man/predict.ossvm.Rd

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