mapoland-package: Maps of Poland

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This package contains data and tools for drawing maps of Poland.


Tools are provided for drawing data on administrative maps of Poland. Functions rely on functionality of packages sp and maptools. See help(package="mapoland") for the complete list of functions.

The package currently contains data on voivodships, i.e. top-level administrative units. Future releases will include data on county and municipality levels. See shapes for information about included shape files.

We have invested some time and effort in creating this package. We hope that it will be useful to you. Please cite it whenever you use it for data analysis or other tasks. See citation(package="mapoland") for the proper information and format.


Michal Bojanowski and Tomasz W. Jerzynski

Maintainer: Michal Bojanowski [email protected]

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# voivodships colored by area
x <- structure( voivData$area, names=rownames(voivData) )
voivPlot(x, main="Area of voivodships [km^2]")

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