Man pages for maptools
Tools for Handling Spatial Objects

asciigridread/write to/from (ESRI) asciigrid format
as.linnet.SpatialLinesConvert SpatialLines to Linear Network
as.pppcoercion between sp objects and spatstat objects
CCmapsConditioned choropleth maps
checkPolygonsHolesCheck holes in Polygons objects
ContourLines2SLDFConverter functions to build SpatialLinesDataFrame objects
dotsInPolysPut dots in polygons
elide-methodsMethods for Function elide in Package 'maptools'
gcDestinationFind destination in geographical coordinates
GE_SpatialGridCreate SpatialGrid for PNG output to GE
getinfo.shapeGet shapefile header information
getKMLcoordinatesGet a list of coordinates out of a KML file
gzAzimuthFind azimuth for geographical coordinates
holepolysHisaji Ono's lake/hole problem
kmlLineCreate and write a KML file on the basis of a given Lines...
kmlLinesCreate and write a KML file on the basis of a given Lines...
kmlOverlayCreate and write KML file for PNG image overlay
kmlPointsCreate and write a KML file on the basis of a given Points...
kmlPolygonCreate and write a KML file on the basis of a given Polygons...
kmlPolygonsCreate and write a KML file on the basis of a given Polygons...
leglabsMake legend labels
lineLabelLine label placement with spplot and lattice.
map2SpatialPolygonsConvert map objects to sp classes
nearestPointOnLineGet the nearest point on a line to a given point
nearestPointOnSegmentGet the nearest point on a segment to a given point
nowrapRecenterBreak polygons at meridian for recentering
nowrapSpatialLinesSplit SpatialLines components at offset
pal2SpatialPolygonsMaking SpatialPolygons objects from RArcInfo input
pointLabelBaseLabel placement for points to avoid overlaps
pointLabelLatticeLabel placement with spplot and lattice.
pppVirtual class "ppp"
readGPSGPSbabel read interface
readShapeLinesRead arc shape files into SpatialLinesDataFrame objects
readShapePointsRead points shape files into SpatialPointsDataFrame objects
readShapePolyRead polygon shape files into SpatialPolygonsDataFrame...
readShapeSpatialRead shape files into Spatial*DataFrame objects
readSplusRead exported WinBUGS maps
RgshhsRead GSHHS data into sp object
snapPointsToLinesSnap a set of points to a set of lines
sp2Mondrianwrite map data for Mondrian
sp2tmapConvert SpatialPolygons object for Stata tmap command
sp2WBExport SpatialPolygons object as S-Plus map for WinBUGS
SpatialLines2PolySetConvert sp line and polygon objects to PBSmapping PolySet...
SpatialLinesMidPointsLine midpoints
spCbind-methodscbind for spatial objects
SplashDamsData for Splash Dams in western Oregon
spRbind-methodsrbind for spatial objects
state.vbmUS State Visibility Based Map
sun-methodsMethods for sun ephemerides calculations
symbolsInPolysPlace grids of points over polygons
thinnedSpatialPolyDouglas-Peuker line generalization for Spatial Polygons
unionSpatialPolygonsAggregate Polygons in a SpatialPolygons object
wrld_simplSimplified world country polygons
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