gs.test: Internal function for gene set testing.

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Internal function for gene set testing.


gs.test(A, X, Y, group, tests, permutation=FALSE, nrot=1000, design,
    allocation.matrix=FALSE, verbose=FALSE)



Allocation matrix as in "miR.test" function.


miRNA expression matrix as in ‘miR.test’ function. Only necessary when allocation.matrix=TRUE.


mRNA expression matrix as in "miR.test" function.


group as in ‘miR.test’ function


Test applied, sie gene.set.tests


Shall permutation procedure for global tests be applied? Put 'FALSE' to use approximate results or give a number for the number of permutations.


Number of rotations of rotation tests. Defaults to 1000 to be able to show p-values as low as 10^-3.


If specified, group will be ignored. Design matrix as used in ‘limma’ package. Cannot be used with global tests.


Logical, is A an allocation matrix with mRNAs in its columns and miRNAs in its rows, or is it an allocation data.frame?


Defaults to FALSE. If TRUE, progress is printed.


List of the following, for up- and for down-regulation: Matrix with testing results for every gene set in its rows and the applied gene set test in its columns.


Stephan Artmann


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