miscTools: Miscellaneous Tools and Utilities

Miscellaneous small tools and utilities. Many of them facilitate the work with matrices, e.g. inserting rows or columns, creating symmetric matrices, or checking for semidefiniteness. Other tools facilitate the work with regression models, e.g. extracting the standard errors, obtaining the number of (estimated) parameters, or calculating R-squared values.

AuthorArne Henningsen, Ott Toomet
Date of publication2017-03-15 19:08:56
MaintainerArne Henningsen <arne.henningsen@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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checkNames Man page
coefTable Man page
colMedians Man page
compPlot Man page
ddnorm Man page
insertCol Man page
insertRow Man page
isSemidefinite Man page
isSemidefinite.default Man page
isSemidefinite.list Man page
isSemidefinite.matrix Man page
margEff Man page
nObs Man page
nObs.default Man page
nObs.lm Man page
nParam Man page
nParam.default Man page
nParam.lm Man page
quasiconcavity Man page
quasiconvexity Man page
rowMedians Man page
rSquared Man page
semidefiniteness Man page
stdEr Man page
stdEr.default Man page
stdEr.lm Man page
sumKeepAttr Man page
symMatrix Man page
triang Man page
vecli Man page
vecli2m Man page
veclipos Man page

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