Man pages for model4you
Stratified and Personalised Models Based on Model-Based Trees and Forests

binomial_glm_plotPlot for a given logistic regression model (glm with binomial...
coxph_plotSurvival plot for a given coxph model with one binary...
lm_plotDensity plot for a given lm model with one binary covariate.
logLik.pmtreeExtract log-Likelihood
node_pmterminalPanel-Generator for Visualization of pmtrees
objfunObjective function
objfun.pmodel_identityObjective function of personalised models
objfun.pmtreeObjective function of a given pmtree
one_factorCheck if model has only one factor covariate.
pmforestCompute model-based forest from model.
pmodelPersonalised model
pmtestTest if personalised models improve upon base model.
pmtreeCompute model-based tree from model.
predict.pmtreepmtree predictions
print.pmtreeMethods for pmtree
rssResidual sum of squares
survreg_plotSurvival plot for a given survreg model with one binary...
varimp.pmforestVariable Importance for pmforest
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