Man pages for modelObj
A Model Object Framework for Regression Analysis

methods-coefExtract Model Coefficients
methods-fitExecute Regression Step
methods-fitObjectRetrieve Regression Object
methods-modelRetrieve Formula Object
methods-predictModel Prediction.
methods-predictorRetrieve Prediction Method
methods-predictorArgsRetrieve Arguments Specified for the Prediction Method
methods-predictorArgs_-Reset Arguments for Prediction Method
methods-residualsExtract Model Residuals.
methods-solverRetrieve Regression Method.
methods-solverArgsRetrieve Arguments for Regression Method.
methods-solverArgs_-Reset Arguments for Regression Method
modelObjCreate an Object of Class modelObj
modelObj-classClass '"modelObj"'
modelObjFit-classClass '"modelObjFit"'
modelObj-packageA Model Object Framework for Regression Analysis
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