Man pages for modi
Multivariate outlier detection and imputation for incomplete survey data

BEMBACON-EEM Algorithm for multivariate outlier detection in...
bushfireBushfire scars
EAdetEpidemic Algorithm for detection of multivariate outliers in...
EAimpEpidemic Algorithm for imputation of multivariate outliers in...
ERRobust EM-algorithm ER
GIMCDGaussian imputation followed by MCD
MDmissMahalanobis distance (MD) for data with missing values.
modi-internalInternal Functions of modi-package
modi-packageMultivariate outlier detection for incomplete survey data
plotMDQQ-Plot of Mahalanobis distances
POEMNearest Neighbour Imputation with Mahalanobis distance
sepeSample Environment Protection Expenditure Survey
TRCTransformed rank correlations for multivariate outlier...
weighted.quantileQuantiles of a weighted cdf
weighted.varWeighted univariate variance coping with missing values
winsimpWinsorization followed by imputation
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