Man pages for moveBB
Analysis of Trajectory Data using Linear or Brownian Motion Model

barplot.encounterDurationDraw a barplot representing the duration of encounters.
contourPolygonsCompute home range polygons from utilization distribution
directionCompute the (distribution of) movement direction.
distanceCompute distance statistics
encounterDistributionSpatial distribution of encounters
encounterDurationCompute duration of encounters between groups
monkey.dataTrajectory data of two monkeys over two days
monkey.trTrajectory data of two monkeys over two days
moveBBCreate a 'MoveBB' object
MoveBB-classClass '"MoveBB"'
moveBBStackCreate a 'MoveBBStack' object
MoveBBStack-classClass '"MoveBBStack"'
plot.utilizationDistributionPlot or draw contours for utilization distributions.
positionEvaluate position parameters at the given times
speedGet statistics about speed
speedDistributionCompute average speed at each location
statisticsCollect statistics about relocations
utilizationDistributionCompute utilization distribution for a trajectory
velocityCompute distribution parameters for velocity
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