nbpMatching: Functions for Optimal Non-Bipartite Matching

Perform non-bipartite matching and matched randomization. A "bipartite" matching utilizes two separate groups, e.g. smokers being matched to nonsmokers or cases being matched to controls. A "non-bipartite" matching creates mates from one big group, e.g. 100 hospitals being randomized for a two-arm cluster randomized trial or 5000 children who have been exposed to various levels of secondhand smoke and are being paired to form a greater exposure vs. lesser exposure comparison. At the core of a non-bipartite matching is a N x N distance matrix for N potential mates. The distance between two units expresses a measure of similarity or quality as mates (the lower the better). The 'gendistance()' and 'distancematrix()' functions assist in creating this. The 'nonbimatch()' function creates the matching that minimizes the total sum of distances between mates; hence, it is referred to as an "optimal" matching. The 'assign.grp()' function aids in performing a matched randomization. Note bipartite matching can be performed using the prevent option in 'gendistance()'.

AuthorCole Beck [aut, cre], Bo Lu [aut], Robert Greevy [aut]
Date of publication2016-04-18 22:37:08
MaintainerCole Beck <cole.beck@vanderbilt.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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assign.grp Man page
assign.grp,data.frame-method Man page
assign.grp,nonbimatch-method Man page
distancematrix Man page
[<-,distancematrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[[<-,distancematrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
distancematrix,character-method Man page
distancematrix-class Man page
distancematrix,data.frame-method Man page
distancematrix,list-method Man page
distancematrix,matrix-method Man page
[<-,distancematrix-method Man page
[[<-,distancematrix-method Man page
fill.missing Man page
fill.missing,data.frame-method Man page
full.qom Man page
full.qom,data.frame-method Man page
gendistance Man page
gendistance,data.frame-method Man page
get.sets Man page
get.sets,data.frame-method Man page
get.sets,nonbimatch-method Man page
initialize,distancematrix-method Man page
make.phantoms Man page
make.phantoms,ANY,missing-method Man page
make.phantoms,data.frame,numeric-method Man page
make.phantoms,matrix,numeric-method Man page
nbpMatching Man page
nbpMatching-internal Man page
nbpMatching-package Man page
nonbimatch Man page
nonbimatch-class Man page
nonbimatch,distancematrix-method Man page
qom Man page
qom,data.frame,data.frame-method Man page
qom,data.frame,nonbimatch-method Man page
quantile Man page
quantile,distancematrix-method Man page
.requireCachedGenerics Man page
runner Man page
runner,data.frame-method Man page
scalar.dist Man page
scalar.dist,vector-method Man page
show,nonbimatch-method Man page
subsetMatches Man page
subsetMatches,nonbimatch-method Man page

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