opmextra: Additional Functions for Analysing OmniLog(R) Phenotype Microarray Data

Tools for analysing OmniLog(R) Phenotype Microarray (PM) data as produced by the device distributed by BIOLOG Inc. and similar kinds of data such as growth curves are available in the opm package. The package opmextra contains functions for special purposes and thus have not been placed in opm.

AuthorMarkus Goeker
Date of publication2016-07-13 11:36:39
MaintainerMarkus Goeker <markus.goeker@dsmz.de>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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cor.test Man page
cor.test-methods Man page
cor.test,MOPMX-method Man page
cor.test,OPMS-method Man page
opm_dbclear Man page
opm_dbclear,integer,RODBC-method Man page
opm_dbclear-methods Man page
opm_dbfind Man page
opm_dbfind,character,RODBC-method Man page
opm_dbfind-methods Man page
opm_dbget Man page
opm_dbget,integer,RODBC-method Man page
opm_dbget-methods Man page
opm_dbnext Man page
opm_dbnext,DBTABLES,RODBC-method Man page
opm_dbnext-methods Man page
opm_dbput Man page
opm_dbput,DBTABLES,RODBC-method Man page
opm_dbput-methods Man page

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