Man pages for orddata
Generation of Artificial Ordinal and Binary Data

bincorr2commonprobConvert Binary Correlation Matrix to Matrix of Joint...
check.commonprobCheck Joint Binary Probabilities
checkordcorrCheck Correlations for Ordinal Values
commonprob2sigmaCalculate a Covariance Matrix for the Normal Distribution...
condprobConditional Probabilities of Binary Data
minmaxordcorrMinimum and Maximum of Possible Correlations
ra2baConvert Real Valued Array to Binary Array
rmvbinMultivariate Binary Random Variates
rmvordMultivariate Ordinal Random Variates
rmvord_bMultivariate Ordinal Random Variates via Binary Conversion
rmvord_mcMultivariate Ordinal Random Variates by Monte Carlo...
rmvord_naivMultivariate Ordinal Random Variates
simul.commonprobSimulate Joint Binary Probabilities
SimulValsPre-simulated Joint Binary Probabilities
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