orthogonalsplinebasis: Orthogonal Bspline Basis Functions

Represents the basis functions for Bsplines in a simple matrix formulation that facilitates, taking integrals, derivatives, and orthogonalizing the basis functions.

AuthorAndrew Redd
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerAndrew Redd <aredd@stat.tamu.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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deriv,SplineBasis-method Man page
dim,SplineBasis-method Man page
evaluate Man page
evaluate-methods Man page
evaluate,SplineBasis,numeric-method Man page
expand.knots Man page
fitLS Man page
GramMatrix Man page
Hankel Man page
integrate Man page
integrate-methods Man page
integrate,SplineBasis-method Man page
MatrixPower Man page
OBasis Man page
orthogonalize Man page
OrthogonalizeBasis Man page
orthogonalize-methods Man page
orthogonalize,SplineBasis-method Man page
orthogonalsplinebasis Man page
OrthogonalSplineBasis Man page
OrthogonalSplineBasis-class Man page
orthogonalsplinebasis-package Man page
OuterProdSecondDerivative Man page
plot,SplineBasis,matrix-method Man page
plot,SplineBasis,missing-method Man page
plot,SplineBasis,vector-method Man page
SplineBasis Man page
SplineBasis-class Man page

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