parsec: PARtial orders in Socio-EConomics

The package implements basic partial order tools for multidimensional poverty evaluation with ordinal variables. Its main goal is to provide socio-economic scholars with an integrated set of elementary functions for multidimensional poverty evaluation, based on ordinal information. The package is organized in four main parts. The first two comprise functions for data management and basic partial order analysis; the third and the fourth are devoted to evaluation and implement both the poset-based approach and a more classical counting procedure.

AuthorAlberto Arcagni and Marco Fattore
Date of publication2015-02-05 10:10:28
MaintainerAlberto Arcagni <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

antisymmetry: antisymmetry

binary: binary

closureTransitive: Closure Transitive

colevels: Colevels of a poset

count: OPHI counting approach

count2threshold: Poset threshold from the OPHI counting approach

cover2incidence: cover2incidence

depths: Depths

downset: downset

drawedges: drawedges

evaluation: Multidimensional poverty evaluation

gen.downset: The subset that generates an downset

gen.upset: The subset that generates an upset

getzeta: Incidence matrix generation

heights: Heights

idn: Multidimensional poverty evaluation (only Identification...

incidence2cover: incidence2cover

incomp: Incomparability between profiles

incomp.incidence: Incomparability between profiles

is.downset: is.downset

is.linext: is.linext

is.partialorder: is.partialorder

is.preorder: is.preorder

is.upset: is.upset

latex: latex

levels.incidence.cover: Levels of a poset

lingen: lingen

linzeta: linzeta

maximal: Maximal poset elements

minimal: Minimal poset elements

obsprof: Remove unobserved profiles

parsec-internal: Internal parsec Functions

parsec-package: PARtial orders in Socio-EConomics

plot.cover: Hasse diagram

plot.parsec: Plot of the results obtained by the evaluation function

pop2prof: Population to profiles

popelem: popelem

reflexivity: reflexivity

rmProfiles: Remove profiles

summary.cover: Summary method for cover and incidence objects

summary.parsec: Summary of the results obtained by the evaluation function

transitivity: transitivity

upset: upset

validate.partialorder.incidence: validate.partialorder.incidence

var2prof: Variables to Profiles

vertices: Coordinates of the vertices of Hasse diagram


antisymmetry Man page
binary Man page
closureTransitive Man page
closureTransitive.cover Man page
closureTransitive.default Man page
closureTransitive.incidence Man page
colevels Man page
colevels.cover Man page
colevels.incidence Man page
count Man page
count2threshold Man page
count.default Man page
count.wprof Man page
cover2incidence Man page
cover2incidence.cover Man page
depths Man page
depths.cover Man page
depths.incidence Man page
downset Man page
downset.cover Man page
downset.incidence Man page
drawedges Man page
evaluation Man page
gen.downset Man page
gen.upset Man page
getzeta Man page
getzeta.wprof Man page
height.poset Man page
heights Man page
heights.cover Man page
heights.incidence Man page
idn Man page
incidence2cover Man page
incidence2cover.incidence Man page
incomp Man page
incomp.incidence Man page
incomp, incomp.incidence Man page
is.downset Man page
is.linext Man page
is.partialorder Man page
is.preorder Man page
is.upset Man page
latex Man page
latex.cover Man page
latex.incidence Man page
latex.wprof Man page
levels.cover Man page
levels.incidence Man page
lingen Man page
linzeta Man page
maximal Man page
maximal.cover Man page
maximal.incidence Man page
minimal Man page
minimal.cover Man page
minimal.incidence Man page
obsprof Man page
obsprof.wprof Man page
parsec Man page
parsec-package Man page
plot.cover Man page
plot.incidence Man page
plot.parsec Man page
plot.wprof Man page
pop2prof Man page
popelem Man page
popelem.wprof Man page
reflexivity Man page
rmProfiles Man page
rmProfiles.wprof Man page
runC Man page
runC.pre_parsec Man page
runC.pre_parsec_simp Man page
summary.cover Man page
summary.incidence Man page
summary.parsec Man page
transitivity Man page
upset Man page
upset.cover Man page
upset.incidence Man page
validate.partialorder.incidence Man page
var2prof Man page
vertices Man page
wprof Man page


R/antisymmetry.R R/binary.R R/closureTransitive.R R/closureTransitive.cover.R R/closureTransitive.default.R R/closureTransitive.incidence.R R/colevels.R R/colevels.cover.R R/colevels.incidence.R R/count.R R/count.default.R R/count.wprof.R R/count2threshold.R R/cover2incidence.R R/cover2incidence.cover.R R/depths.R R/depths.cover.R R/depths.incidence.R R/downset.R R/downset.cover.R R/downset.incidence.R R/drawedges.R R/evaluation.R R/gen.downset.R R/gen.upset.R R/getzeta.R R/getzeta.wprof.R R/height.poset.R R/heights.R R/heights.cover.R R/heights.incidence.R R/idn.R R/incidence2cover.R R/incidence2cover.incidence.R R/incomp.R R/incomp.incidence.R R/is.downset.R R/is.linext.R R/is.partialorder.R R/is.preorder.R R/is.upset.R R/latex.R R/latex.cover.R R/latex.incidence.R R/latex.wprof.R R/levels.cover.R R/levels.incidence.R R/lingen.R R/linzeta.R R/maximal.R R/maximal.cover.R R/maximal.incidence.R R/minimal.R R/minimal.cover.R R/minimal.incidence.R R/obsprof.R R/obsprof.wprof.R R/parsec-internal.R R/plot.cover.R R/plot.incidence.R R/plot.parsec.R R/plot.wprof.R R/pop2prof.R R/popelem.R R/popelem.wprof.R R/reflexivity.R R/rmProfiles.R R/rmProfiles.wprof.R R/runC.R R/runC.pre_parsec.R R/summary.cover.R R/summary.incidence.R R/summary.parsec.R R/transitivity.R R/upset.R R/upset.cover.R R/upset.incidence.R R/validate.partialorder.incidence.R R/var2prof.R R/vertices.R
man/antisymmetry.Rd man/binary.Rd man/closureTransitive.Rd man/colevels.Rd man/count.Rd man/count2threshold.Rd man/cover2incidence.Rd man/depths.Rd man/downset.Rd man/drawedges.Rd man/evaluation.Rd man/gen.downset.Rd man/gen.upset.Rd man/getzeta.Rd man/heights.Rd man/idn.Rd man/incidence2cover.Rd man/incomp.Rd man/incomp.incidence.Rd man/is.downset.Rd man/is.linext.Rd man/is.partialorder.Rd man/is.preorder.Rd man/is.upset.Rd man/latex.Rd man/levels.incidence.cover.Rd man/lingen.Rd man/linzeta.Rd man/maximal.Rd man/minimal.Rd man/obsprof.Rd man/parsec-internal.Rd man/parsec-package.Rd man/plot.cover.Rd man/plot.parsec.Rd man/pop2prof.Rd man/popelem.Rd man/reflexivity.Rd man/rmProfiles.Rd man/summary.cover.Rd man/summary.parsec.Rd man/transitivity.Rd man/upset.Rd man/validate.partialorder.incidence.Rd man/var2prof.Rd man/vertices.Rd

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