Man pages for pdCluster
Partial Discharge Clustering

analysisAnalysis of partial discharge signals. for Function '' in Package 'pdCluster'
choosePointsChoose points from a trellis plot.
claraPD-methodsClustering of Partial Discharge signals
compPronyComparison of several Prony decompositions.
densityplot-methodsMethods for Function 'densityplot' in Package 'pdCluster'
df2PDConversion from 'data.frame' to a 'PD' object.
filterPD-methodsSimple filtering of a partial discharge signal
hankelHankel matrix
hexbinplotHexbinplot methods in the 'pdCluster' package.
histogram-methodsMethods for Function 'histogram' in Package 'pdCluster'
identifyPD-methodsMethods for Function 'identifyPD'
isFiltered-methodsMethods for Function 'isFiltered'
isTransformed-methodsMethods for Function 'isTransformed'
label.densityplotLabels for a densityplot
no0Supression of zeros.
nZeroCrossZero-cross rate
PD2Long-methodsMethods for Function 'PD2Long'
PD-classClass '"PD"'
PDCluster-classClass '"PDCluster"'
plot.pronyPlot of a Prony decomposition.
pronyProny's method
splom-methodsMethods for Function 'splom' in Package 'pdCluster'
transformPD-methodsMethods for Function 'transformPD'
wavVarPDWavelet variance
xyplot-methodsMethods for Function 'xyplot' in Package 'pdCluster'
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