Man pages for pder
panel data econometrics with R

AidGrowthAid and Growth
AirlinesExCapExcess Capacity in Us Airlines
ApplesApple Production
BankCostsCosts of the Us Banking Industry
BeautyBeauty and Wages
BlackExRateExchange Rate on the Black Markets
CarTheftsPolice Presence and Thefts
DemocracyIncomethe Relation Between Democraty and Income
DemocracyIncome25the Relation Between Democraty and Income
DialysisDiffusion of Haemodialysis Technology
DoctHospVisitsDoctor and Hospital Visits
ElectrSupplyElectricity Supply
EnergyDemandElasticities of Energy Demand
FairnessPerveived Fairness of Rules for Allocating Seats in Trains...
FemLaborSupplyLabor Supply of Females
FinanceGrowthFinancial Institutions and Growth
ForeignTradeForeign Trade of Developing Countries
GrowthProfitBanksDynamics of Growth and Profitability in Banking
Index.EconometricsEconometric fields
Index.EconomicsEconomic fields
IneqGrowthInequality and Growth
InflationProfitSearch Costs and the Relation Between Inflation and Profit
InstabilityInflationPolitical Instability and Inflation
InvRateInvestment Rate
LargeBanksCosts of the Us Large Banks
MalesWagesWages and Education of Young Males
MoneyJapanMoney Demand of Japan
MonthExRateMonthly Exchange Rates
NaturalGasInterstate Natural Gas Industry
OpennessInflationTrade Openness and Inflation Episodes
PrisonPrison and Crimes
QuartExRateQuarterly Exchange Rates
RapesSexual Offences and Rapes Deterance
RDPerfCompR and D Performing Companies
RDSpilloversResearch and Development Spillovers data of Eberhardt,...
ReelectionDeficits and Reelection
RegIneqInterregional Redistribution and Inequalities
ReligionReligion and Growth
RiceFarmsProduction of Rice in India
SeatBeltSeat Belt Usage and Traffic Fatalities
SlaveTradeSlave Trade and Economic Development
SmokingTrendsSmoking Trends
SolowGrowth Model
TerrorismTerrorist Incidents
TexasElectrProduction of Electricity in Texas
TileriesProduction of Tileries in Egypt
TobaccoPanelConsumption of Tobacco
TobinQthe Q Theory of Investment
TradeEUTrade in the European Union
TradeFDITrade and Foreign Direct Investment in Germany and the United...
TurkishBanksTurkish Banks
TwinCrisesCosts of Currency and Banking Crises
VehiculeTaxTax for Vehicule Registration
WomenWagesWages of White Females
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