Man pages for pems
tools for the analysis and visualisation of pems data

1.1.make.import.datamaking and importing data
1.2.pems.structure'pems' object structure data and pems objects
1.4.export.dataexporting data data
2.1.generic.pems.handlersGeneric handling of pems objects
2.2.unit.handlersdata unit handlers
2.3.1.vsp.calculationsVehicle Specific Power (VSP) calculations
2.3.common.calculationsCommon calculations
2.4.pems.plotsVarious plots for pems.utils
2.5.analysis.summary.reportsGenerating summary reports
2.5.conditioning.pems.dataData conditioning for pems data
3.1.example.dataexample data for use with pems.utils
3.2.look.up.tablesreference data for use with pems.utils
4.1.check.functionscommon check... functions
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