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Fit Probabilistic Index Models

add.posetAdd a poset to a pim.environment object a pim.environment to a data frame
as.matrix.pim.summaryConvert a pim.summary object to a matrix
classesExtract information from pim.environment and pim.poset...
coefExtract the coefficients from a pim or pim.summary object
confint.pimCalculate Wald confidence intervals around the coefficients...
create.posetCreate a poset
CreateScoreFunCreate a score function for use in a pim.
DysDataThis is the Dysphagia data
EngelDataThis is the engel data
estimatorsEstimator functions for probabilistic index models
Extract.pim.summaryExtract method for pim.summary objects
FEVDataThis is the Childhood respiratory disease data
formulaExtract the formula from a pim or pim.formula object
getters-pim.formulaExtract information from a pim.formula object
has.interceptCheck whether formula has an explicit intercept
is.completeCheck whether a pim environment is complete
LSpecify the left hand and right hand side of an expression...
make.posfunCreate a poset function
MHDataThis is the Mental health data
model.matrix.pimCreate a model matrix for a probabilistic index model
new.pimCreate an object of class pim
new.pim.envConstructor for a pim.environment
new.pim.formulaConstructor for pim.formula
new.pim.posetCreate a pim.poset environment
nobsExtract the number of observations
PProbability function
penvExtract a pim environment from a model or formula
pimFitting a Probabilistic Index Model
pim-classClass pim
pimdataThe data contained in the pim package
pim.environment-classThe pim.environment class
pim.fitFitter function for a probabilistic index model
pim.formula-classClass pim.formula
pim-gettersGetters for slots of a pim object
pim-packageProbabilistic Index Models
pim.poset-classThe pim.poset class
pim.summary-classClass pim.summary
posetExtract the poset as a matrix or list
printPrint methods for the different object types
responseExtract response from a pim.formula or a pim object
sandwich.estimatorPseudo-observation variance sandwich estimator
SUDataThis is the Surgical unit data
summary.pimThe summary function for the pim class
vcovMethods for vcov
vcov.estimatorsvcov estimators for pim
vcov.internalInternal functions for vcov estimation
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