pimdevel: Probabilistic Index Models

Fit a probabilistic index model. This package is the latest version of the pim package, and will end up being pim 2.0. It's a beta currently under development. There's a pim fitting engine with rudimentary functionality, but don't expect any back-compatibility with the previous versions of pim.

AuthorJoris Meys, Nick Sabbe, Jan De Neve
Date of publication2016-02-23 14:51:14
MaintainerJoris Meys <Joris.Meys@Ugent.be>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

add.poset: Add a poset to a pim.environment object

as.data.frame: Convert a pim.environment to a data frame

classes: Extract information from pim.environment and pim.poset...

coef: Extract the coefficients from a pim or pim.summary object

create.poset: Create a poset

CreateScoreFun: Create a score function for use in a pim.

DysData: This is the Dysphagia data

Engeldata: This is the engel data

estimators: Estimator functions for probabilistic index models

FEVData: This is the Childhood respiratory disease data

formula: Getters for a pim object

getters-pim.formula: Extract information from a pim.formula object

has.intercept: Check whether formula has an explicit intercept

is.complete: Check whether a pim environment is complete

L: Specify the left hand and right hand side of an expression...

make.posfun: Create a poset function

MHData: This is the Mental health data

model.matrix.pim: Create a model matrix for a probabilistic index model

new.pim: Create an object of class pim

new.pim.env: Constructor for a pim.environment

new.pim.formula: Constructor for pim.formula

new.pim.poset: Create a pim.poset environment

nobs: Extract the number of observations

P: Probability function

penv: Extract a pim environment from a model or formula

pim: Fitting a Probabilistic Index Model

pim-class: Class pim

pimdata: The data contained in the pim package

pimdevel-package: Probabilistic Index Models

pim.environment-class: The pim.environment class

pim.fit: Fitter function for a probabilistic index model

pim.formula-class: Class pim.formula

pim-getters: Getters for slots of a pim object

pim.poset-class: The pim.poset class

pim.summary-class: Class pim.summary

poset: Extract the poset as a matrix or list

print: Print methods for the different object types

response: Extract response from a pim.formula

sandwich.estimator: Pseudo-observation variance sandwich estimator

SUData: This is the Surgical unit data

summary.pim: The summary function for the pim class

vcov: Methods for vcov

vcov.estimators: vcov estimators for pim

vcov.internal: Internal functions for vcov estimation


add.poset Man page
add.poset,pim.environment-method Man page
as.data.frame Man page
as.data.frame,pim.environment-method Man page
classes Man page
classes,pim.environment-method Man page
coef Man page
coef,pim-method Man page
coef,pim.summary-method Man page
compare Man page
compare,pim.environment-method Man page
compare,pim.poset-method Man page
create.poset Man page
CreateScoreFun Man page
DysData Man page
Engeldata Man page
estimator.BB Man page
estimator.glm Man page
estimator.nleqslv Man page
estimators Man page
FEVData Man page
fitted Man page
fitted,pim-method Man page
formula Man page
formula,pim.formula-method Man page
formula,pim-method Man page
has.intercept Man page
has.intercept,character-method Man page
has.intercept,formula-method Man page
has.intercept,pim.formula-method Man page
has.intercept,pim-method Man page
has.intercept,terms-method Man page
has.specials Man page
has.specials,pim.formula-method Man page
is.complete Man page
keep.data Man page
L Man page
lhs Man page
lhs, Man page
lhs,pim.formula-method Man page
.make.posfun Man page
MHData Man page
model.matrix Man page
model.matrix, Man page
model.matrix.pim.formula Man page
model.matrix,pim.formula-method Man page
model.matrix,pim-method Man page
names, Man page
names,pim.environment-method Man page
names,pim.poset-method Man page
new.pim Man page
new.pim.env Man page
new.pim.env,ANY-method Man page
new.pim.env,data.frame-method Man page
new.pim.env,environment-method Man page
new.pim.env,list-method Man page
new.pim.env,missing-method Man page
new.pim.formula Man page
new.pim.formula,formula,ANY-method Man page
new.pim.formula,formula,pim.environment-method Man page
new.pim.poset Man page
new.pim.poset,character,numeric-method Man page
new.pim.poset,list,missing-method Man page
new.pim.poset,list,numeric-method Man page
new.pim.poset,matrix,missing-method Man page
new.pim.poset,matrix,numeric-method Man page
new.pim.poset,missing,numeric-method Man page
nobs,data.frame-method Man page
nobs,matrix-method Man page
nobs,pim.environment-method Man page
nobs,pim.poset-method Man page
P Man page
penv Man page
penv,pim.formula-method Man page
penv,pim-method Man page
pim Man page
pim-class Man page
pimdata Man page
pimdevel-package Man page
pim.environment Man page
pim.environment-class Man page
pim.fit Man page
pim.formula Man page
pim.formula-class Man page
pim.poset Man page
pim.poset-class Man page
pim.summary-class Man page
PO Man page
poset Man page
poset,environment-method Man page
poset,pim.environment-method Man page
poset,pim.formula-method Man page
poset,pim-method Man page
poset,pim.poset-method Man page
PP Man page
print Man page
print,pim.environment-method Man page
print,pim.formula-method Man page
print,pim-method Man page
print,pim.poset-method Man page
R Man page
response Man page
response,pim.formula-method Man page
response,pim-method Man page
sandwich.estimator Man page
sandwich.vcov Man page
score.estimator Man page
score.vcov Man page
SUData Man page
summary Man page
summary,pim-method Man page
terms Man page
terms, Man page
terms,pim.formula-method Man page
U.sandwich Man page
U.score Man page
vcov Man page
vcov.estimators Man page
vcov.internal Man page
vcov,list-method Man page
vcov,pim-method Man page


R/CreateScoreFun.R R/DysData.R R/Engeldata.R R/Estimators.R R/FEVData.R R/Getters.R R/Getters_pim.R R/Getters_pim.formula.R R/InternalFunctions.R R/InternalObjects.R R/LR.R R/MHData.R R/P.R R/SUData.R R/add.poset.R R/as.data.frame.pim.environment.R R/coef.R R/create.poset.R R/formula.R R/has.intercept.R R/is.complete.R R/make.posfun.R R/model.matrix.pim.R R/new.pim.R R/new.pim.env.R R/new.pim.formula.R R/new.pim.poset.R R/nobs.R R/penv.R R/pim-class.R R/pim.R R/pim.environment-class.R R/pim.fit.R R/pim.formula-class.R R/pim.poset-class.R R/pim.summary-class.R R/pimdata.R R/pimdevel-package.R R/poset.R R/print.R R/response.R R/sandwich.estimator.R R/summary.R R/vcov.R R/vcov.estimators.R R/vcov.internal.R
man/CreateScoreFun.Rd man/DysData.Rd man/Engeldata.Rd man/FEVData.Rd man/L.Rd man/MHData.Rd man/P.Rd man/SUData.Rd man/add.poset.Rd man/as.data.frame.Rd man/classes.Rd man/coef.Rd man/create.poset.Rd man/estimators.Rd man/formula.Rd man/getters-pim.formula.Rd man/has.intercept.Rd man/is.complete.Rd man/make.posfun.Rd man/model.matrix.pim.Rd man/new.pim.Rd man/new.pim.env.Rd man/new.pim.formula.Rd man/new.pim.poset.Rd man/nobs.Rd man/penv.Rd man/pim-class.Rd man/pim-getters.Rd man/pim.Rd man/pim.environment-class.Rd man/pim.fit.Rd man/pim.formula-class.Rd man/pim.poset-class.Rd man/pim.summary-class.Rd man/pimdata.Rd man/pimdevel-package.Rd man/poset.Rd man/print.Rd man/response.Rd man/sandwich.estimator.Rd man/summary.pim.Rd man/vcov.Rd man/vcov.estimators.Rd man/vcov.internal.Rd
tests/testthat.R tests/testthat/test_pim.environments.R

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