Man pages for pimold
Probabilistic Index Models

add.varianceestimateAdd (co)variance estimates to a PIM
classical.testPIM implementations of distributionfree tests
crossvalidate.pimCrossvalidate a glmnet PIM
demo.WilcoxonMannWhitneyGenerate sample data that is appropriate for the classical...
DysDataThis is the Dysphagia data
EngeldataThis is the engel data
estimator.nleqslvEstimators for the PIM parameters
FEVDataThis is the Childhood respiratory disease data
fullposetGet a set of pseudo-observation observation indices
IPIProbabilistic Index / Indicator for sets of variables
legacy.WilcoxonMannWhitneyNon-PIM implementations of distributionfree tests
MainreplacetextPseudo-observation formula conversion helpers
MHDataThis is the Mental health data
pimFit a PIM
pim.fitActually fit the pim
pimformulaConvert formula to pim formula
pimold-packageProbabilistic Index Models
pimsymCheck the symmetry condition for a PIM
plot.pimPlot very basic G.O.F. for a pim
posandwich.estimatorPseudo-observation variance sandwich estimator
print.pimDisplay a PIM
simplifiedpimestimation.marginalcoefficientsSimplified fitting of PIMs with only one categorical...
SUDataThis is the Surgical unit data
summary.pimPlot very basic G.O.F. for a pim
varianceestimator.sandwichEstimators for the PIM parameter variances
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