Man pages for pkgutils
Utilities for Creating R Packages

assertMake assertions
caseModified switch function
check_R_codeCheck R (or Sweave) code files
collectCollect information
containsQuery an object with another object
DBTABLES-methodsMethods for 'DBTABLES' objects
LAssert a length
listingNicer message listings and flattening or expansion of objects
map_filesMap files or file names
map_valuesMap values or names
match_partsPartial matches
mustConvert warnings to errors
mypdfPaper size for PDF files
pack_descList or modify package (description) files
pkgutils.packageThe 'pkgutils' package
repair_docuRepair and check Rd files
repair_S4_docuRepair S4 documentation in Rd files
run_R_CMDRun 'R CMD'
run_rubyRun a Ruby script
sectionsCreate sections
setAssign values only when needed
sqlCreate SQL 'SELECT' and 'UPDATE' statements
swap_codePreprocess R files
swdChange or list working directories
xyplot.docuExample 'Rd' data set: 'xyplot' documentation
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