Man pages for playitbyr
Representing and exploring data through sound

addDataToSonifyAdd a data.frame to a 'sonify' object
checkSonifyCheck if a 'sonify' object can be rendered
create_audioSampleRender 'sonify' objects to 'audioSample'
getDefaultMappingsGet the default mappings and scalings for a given sonlayer...
getPlayerGet and set the audio player
getShapeDefGet the 'shapeDef' object for a shape
getSoundParamsGet and check currently possible sound parameters.
internaldfInternal functions to generate output 'data.frame' from a...
internalsonifyInternal functions related to layering and rendering
linearscaleCreate a linear parameter scaling with given minimum and...
octToFreqConvert from csound-style oct notation for pitches to...
playLastRenderingPlay and save the last audio rendering of a 'sonify' object
renderRender a sonification score to sound
render.audioRendering sound using the audio package
render.csoundRendering sound using csound
scaleShortcutsShortcut functions to set linear scales for 'sonify' objects
scorePreprocessor.csoundScore preprocessing for shape 'csound'
scorePreprocessor.notesScore preprocessing for shape 'notes'
shapeDescriptionsShow the names and descriptions of all available shapes
sonaesCreate mappings and parameters for sonification objects
sonifyCreate sonification objects
sonifyclassprint, summary and addition methods for 'sonify' objects
sonlayerCreating individual layers for sonify objects
sonscalingSetting scales for 'sonify' objects
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