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Process Data

continuousProcessContinuous Process
ContinuousProcess-classClass "ContinuousProcess"
exampleDataFour small example data sets.
exampleDataFramesTwo small example data sets.
getColumnsExtraction of column(s) from a process data object.
integrateIntegrator of a marked point process
JumpProcess-classClass "JumpProcess"
markedPointProcessMarked Point Process
MarkedPointProcess-classClass "MarkedPointProcess"
object.sizeThe memory used to store a process data R object.
plot-methodsMethods for 'plot' in Package 'processdata'
ProcessData-classClass "ProcessData"
processdata-packageProcess Data
ProcessPlotData-classClass "ProcessPlotData"
strCompact display of the structure of a process data object.
updateProcessObjectFunctions to update old objects with new slots.
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