qmao: Quantmod Add-on

some quantmod-like functions.

AuthorGarrett See
Date of publication2016-01-12 05:42:01
MaintainerGarrett See <gsee000@gmail.com>

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Man pages

AddCumDiv: Add dividends back to price series

addVLine: Add vertical line to a quantmod chart

adjustIntraday.yahoo: Adjust intraday data for dividends and splits

alignSymbols: Delete rows that not all Symbols have in common

applyFilter: Filter out bad prices

BAM: Extract Bid, Ask, Mid columns or Bid, Ask, Mid, Trade columns

CBOEcalendar: View the CBOE Expiration Calendar

ClOp: Close to Open return

convert.illions: Convert string to number

dlPowerShares: download CSVs from PowerShares.com

do.call.rbind: Faster way to 'do.call(rbind, lst)'

estAd: get column containing Price

ExcludeDates: Exclude one or more days from an xts object

ExcludeTimes: Exclude a 'timespan' from an xts object

gaa: Get, Apply, Assign

getCalendarBy: Get a calendar over more than one time period from yahoo's...

get_div: get dividend or split data

getDividendsCalendar: Get dividends calendar from earnings.com

getEarnings: download historic earnings and earnings estimates for a given...

getEarningsCalendar: Get the earnings calendar from yahoo

getEconomicCalendar: Get the Economic Calender from Briefing.com or Yahoo.

getEPS: Get historical Earnings Per Share of a stock

getHoldings: Get the holdings of an ETF

getHoldings.Direxion: Get the holdings of Direxion ETFs

getHoldings.FirstTrust: Get the holdings of First Trust ETFs

getHoldings.GlobalX: Get the holdings of Global X ETFs

getHoldings.ipath: Get the holdings of an iPath ETN

getHoldings.iShares: Get the holdings of iShares ETFs

getHoldings.iShares.ca: Get the holdings of Canadian iShares ETFs

getHoldings.powershares: Get the names and weights of the holdings of PowerShares ETFs

getHoldings.selectSPDR: Get names and weights of the holdings of Select Sector SPDR...

getHoldings.SPDR: Get names and weights of the holdings of SPDR ETFs

getHoldings.vaneck: Get the holdings of a Van Eck ETF

getHoldings.WisdomTree: Get the holdings of Wisdom Tree ETFs

getMergersCalendar: Get Calendar of Mergers

getQuote.BATS: getQuote from BATS

getQuote.google: getQuote from Google

getSplitsCalendar: Get Calendar of Splits

getSpreadDividends: Get Spread Dividends...

getSymbols.cfe: Load Data from the CBOE Futures Exchange website...

getSymbols.pos: getSymbols from an environment

gsa: Get, Subset, Assign

has.Chg: Check for Bid, Ask, Mid, and/or Trade columns in data

MakeStrictlyRegular: Make an xts object strictly regular.

makeTestData: Split data to create in-sample and out-of-sample data sets

MiBiAsChTr: Extract Columns of Data from and xts object

PF: Merge Adjusted prices (or returns of adjusted prices) of...

plot.bats: bats class plot method

plot.depth: depth class plot method

plot.ladder: ladder class plot method

print.bats: bats class print method

print.depth: depth class print method

print.ladder: ladder class print method

qmao-package: Quantmod Add-On

read.masterDATA: Read masterDATA csv

remove_zero_rows: Remove rows where specified column(s) has zero value...

shinyBATS: shiny BATS quotes

SPDRSymbols: Get the ticker symbols of all SPDR ETFs

TimeOfDaySubset: Subset by time-of-day


AddCumDiv Man page
addVLine Man page
adjustIntraday.yahoo Man page
alignSymbols Man page
applyFilter Man page
As Man page
BAM Man page
BATM Man page
Bi Man page
CBOEcalendar Man page
CFEcalendar Man page
Ch Man page
ClOp Man page
convertEarningsTime Man page
convert.illions Man page
depth Man page
dlPowerShares Man page
do.call.rbind Man page
estAd Man page
ExcludeDates Man page
ExcludeTimes Man page
gaa Man page
getCalendarByDay Man page
getCalendarByMonth Man page
getCalendarByWeek Man page
get_div Man page
getDividendsCalendar Man page
.getDividendsCalendar Man page
getEarnings Man page
getEarningsCalendar Man page
.getEarningsCalendar Man page
getEconomicCalendar Man page
getEconomicCalendarBriefing Man page
.getEconomicCalendarBriefing Man page
getEconomicCalendarYahoo Man page
.getEconomicCalendarYahoo Man page
getEPS Man page
getHoldings Man page
getHoldings.Direxion Man page
getHoldings.FirstTrust Man page
getHoldings.GlobalX Man page
getHoldings.ipath Man page
getHoldings.iShares Man page
getHoldings.iShares.ca Man page
getHoldings.powershares Man page
getHoldings.selectSPDR Man page
getHoldings.SPDR Man page
getHoldings.vaneck Man page
getHoldings.WisdomTree Man page
getMergersCalendar Man page
.getMergersCalendar Man page
getQuote.bats Man page
getQuote.BATS Man page
getQuote.google Man page
get_spl Man page
getSplitsCalendar Man page
.getSplitsCalendar Man page
getSpreadDividends Man page
getSymbols.cfe Man page
getSymbols.pos Man page
gsa Man page
has.AskSize Man page
has.BAM Man page
has.BATM Man page
has.BidSize Man page
has.Chg Man page
is.BAM Man page
is.BATM Man page
ladder Man page
makePriceFrame Man page
makeReturnFrame Man page
MakeStrictlyRegular Man page
makeTestData Man page
Mi Man page
PF Man page
plot.bats Man page
plot.depth Man page
plot.ladder Man page
print.bats Man page
print.depth Man page
print.ladder Man page
qmao Man page
qmao-package Man page
read.masterDATA Man page
remove_zero_rows Man page
RF Man page
shinyBATS Man page
SPDRSymbols Man page
TimeOfDaySubset Man page
Tr Man page
trades Man page


qmao/R/AddCumDiv.R qmao/R/BAM.R qmao/R/ClOp.R qmao/R/ExcludeDates.R qmao/R/ExcludeTimes.R qmao/R/MakeStrictlyRegular.R qmao/R/MiBiAsChTr.R qmao/R/TimeOfDaySubset.R qmao/R/addVLine.R qmao/R/adjustBAM.R qmao/R/adjustIntraday.yahoo.R qmao/R/alignSymbols.R qmao/R/applyFilter.R qmao/R/convert.illions.R qmao/R/do.call.rbind.R qmao/R/estAd.R qmao/R/gaa.R qmao/R/getCalendar.R qmao/R/getEPS.R qmao/R/getEarnings.R qmao/R/getHoldings.Direxion.R qmao/R/getHoldings.FirstTrust.R qmao/R/getHoldings.GlobalX.R qmao/R/getHoldings.R qmao/R/getHoldings.SPDR.R qmao/R/getHoldings.WisdomTree.R qmao/R/getHoldings.iShares.R qmao/R/getHoldings.iShares.ca.R qmao/R/getHoldings.ipath.R qmao/R/getHoldings.powershares.R qmao/R/getHoldings.skeleton.R qmao/R/getHoldings.vaneck.R qmao/R/getHoldingsHistory.R qmao/R/getQuote.BATS.R qmao/R/getQuote.google.R qmao/R/getSpreadDividends.R qmao/R/getSymbols.cfe.R qmao/R/getSymbols.pos.R qmao/R/gsa.R qmao/R/has.Chg.R qmao/R/makePriceFrame.R qmao/R/makeTestData.R qmao/R/plotRelPerf.R qmao/R/qmao-package.R qmao/R/remove_zero_rows.R qmao/R/shinyBATS.R
qmao/man/AddCumDiv.Rd qmao/man/BAM.Rd qmao/man/CBOEcalendar.Rd qmao/man/ClOp.Rd qmao/man/ExcludeDates.Rd qmao/man/ExcludeTimes.Rd qmao/man/MakeStrictlyRegular.Rd qmao/man/MiBiAsChTr.Rd qmao/man/PF.Rd qmao/man/SPDRSymbols.Rd qmao/man/TimeOfDaySubset.Rd qmao/man/addVLine.Rd qmao/man/adjustIntraday.yahoo.Rd qmao/man/alignSymbols.Rd qmao/man/applyFilter.Rd qmao/man/convert.illions.Rd qmao/man/dlPowerShares.Rd qmao/man/do.call.rbind.Rd qmao/man/estAd.Rd qmao/man/gaa.Rd qmao/man/getCalendarBy.Rd qmao/man/getDividendsCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getEPS.Rd qmao/man/getEarnings.Rd qmao/man/getEarningsCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getEconomicCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.Direxion.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.FirstTrust.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.GlobalX.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.SPDR.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.WisdomTree.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.iShares.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.iShares.ca.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.ipath.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.powershares.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.selectSPDR.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.vaneck.Rd qmao/man/getMergersCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getQuote.BATS.Rd qmao/man/getQuote.google.Rd qmao/man/getSplitsCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getSpreadDividends.Rd qmao/man/getSymbols.cfe.Rd qmao/man/getSymbols.pos.Rd qmao/man/get_div.Rd qmao/man/gsa.Rd qmao/man/has.Chg.Rd qmao/man/makeTestData.Rd qmao/man/plot.bats.Rd qmao/man/plot.depth.Rd qmao/man/plot.ladder.Rd qmao/man/print.bats.Rd qmao/man/print.depth.Rd qmao/man/print.ladder.Rd qmao/man/qmao-package.Rd qmao/man/read.masterDATA.Rd qmao/man/remove_zero_rows.Rd qmao/man/shinyBATS.Rd

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