qmao: Quantmod Add-on

some quantmod-like functions.

AuthorGarrett See
Date of publication2016-01-12 05:42:01
MaintainerGarrett See <gsee000@gmail.com>

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Man pages

AddCumDiv: Add dividends back to price series

addVLine: Add vertical line to a quantmod chart

adjustIntraday.yahoo: Adjust intraday data for dividends and splits

alignSymbols: Delete rows that not all Symbols have in common

applyFilter: Filter out bad prices

BAM: Extract Bid, Ask, Mid columns or Bid, Ask, Mid, Trade columns

CBOEcalendar: View the CBOE Expiration Calendar

ClOp: Close to Open return

convert.illions: Convert string to number

dlPowerShares: download CSVs from PowerShares.com

do.call.rbind: Faster way to 'do.call(rbind, lst)'

estAd: get column containing Price

ExcludeDates: Exclude one or more days from an xts object

ExcludeTimes: Exclude a 'timespan' from an xts object

gaa: Get, Apply, Assign

getCalendarBy: Get a calendar over more than one time period from yahoo's...

get_div: get dividend or split data

getDividendsCalendar: Get dividends calendar from earnings.com

getEarnings: download historic earnings and earnings estimates for a given...

getEarningsCalendar: Get the earnings calendar from yahoo

getEconomicCalendar: Get the Economic Calender from Briefing.com or Yahoo.

getEPS: Get historical Earnings Per Share of a stock

getHoldings: Get the holdings of an ETF

getHoldings.Direxion: Get the holdings of Direxion ETFs

getHoldings.FirstTrust: Get the holdings of First Trust ETFs

getHoldings.GlobalX: Get the holdings of Global X ETFs

getHoldings.ipath: Get the holdings of an iPath ETN

getHoldings.iShares: Get the holdings of iShares ETFs

getHoldings.iShares.ca: Get the holdings of Canadian iShares ETFs

getHoldings.powershares: Get the names and weights of the holdings of PowerShares ETFs

getHoldings.selectSPDR: Get names and weights of the holdings of Select Sector SPDR...

getHoldings.SPDR: Get names and weights of the holdings of SPDR ETFs

getHoldings.vaneck: Get the holdings of a Van Eck ETF

getHoldings.WisdomTree: Get the holdings of Wisdom Tree ETFs

getMergersCalendar: Get Calendar of Mergers

getQuote.BATS: getQuote from BATS

getQuote.google: getQuote from Google

getSplitsCalendar: Get Calendar of Splits

getSpreadDividends: Get Spread Dividends...

getSymbols.cfe: Load Data from the CBOE Futures Exchange website...

getSymbols.pos: getSymbols from an environment

gsa: Get, Subset, Assign

has.Chg: Check for Bid, Ask, Mid, and/or Trade columns in data

MakeStrictlyRegular: Make an xts object strictly regular.

makeTestData: Split data to create in-sample and out-of-sample data sets

MiBiAsChTr: Extract Columns of Data from and xts object

PF: Merge Adjusted prices (or returns of adjusted prices) of...

plot.bats: bats class plot method

plot.depth: depth class plot method

plot.ladder: ladder class plot method

print.bats: bats class print method

print.depth: depth class print method

print.ladder: ladder class print method

qmao-package: Quantmod Add-On

read.masterDATA: Read masterDATA csv

remove_zero_rows: Remove rows where specified column(s) has zero value...

shinyBATS: shiny BATS quotes

SPDRSymbols: Get the ticker symbols of all SPDR ETFs

TimeOfDaySubset: Subset by time-of-day

Files in this package

qmao/R/AddCumDiv.R qmao/R/BAM.R qmao/R/ClOp.R qmao/R/ExcludeDates.R qmao/R/ExcludeTimes.R qmao/R/MakeStrictlyRegular.R qmao/R/MiBiAsChTr.R qmao/R/TimeOfDaySubset.R qmao/R/addVLine.R qmao/R/adjustBAM.R qmao/R/adjustIntraday.yahoo.R qmao/R/alignSymbols.R qmao/R/applyFilter.R qmao/R/convert.illions.R qmao/R/do.call.rbind.R qmao/R/estAd.R qmao/R/gaa.R qmao/R/getCalendar.R qmao/R/getEPS.R qmao/R/getEarnings.R qmao/R/getHoldings.Direxion.R qmao/R/getHoldings.FirstTrust.R qmao/R/getHoldings.GlobalX.R qmao/R/getHoldings.R qmao/R/getHoldings.SPDR.R qmao/R/getHoldings.WisdomTree.R qmao/R/getHoldings.iShares.R qmao/R/getHoldings.iShares.ca.R qmao/R/getHoldings.ipath.R qmao/R/getHoldings.powershares.R qmao/R/getHoldings.skeleton.R qmao/R/getHoldings.vaneck.R qmao/R/getHoldingsHistory.R qmao/R/getQuote.BATS.R qmao/R/getQuote.google.R qmao/R/getSpreadDividends.R qmao/R/getSymbols.cfe.R qmao/R/getSymbols.pos.R qmao/R/gsa.R qmao/R/has.Chg.R qmao/R/makePriceFrame.R qmao/R/makeTestData.R qmao/R/plotRelPerf.R qmao/R/qmao-package.R qmao/R/remove_zero_rows.R qmao/R/shinyBATS.R
qmao/man/AddCumDiv.Rd qmao/man/BAM.Rd qmao/man/CBOEcalendar.Rd qmao/man/ClOp.Rd qmao/man/ExcludeDates.Rd qmao/man/ExcludeTimes.Rd qmao/man/MakeStrictlyRegular.Rd qmao/man/MiBiAsChTr.Rd qmao/man/PF.Rd qmao/man/SPDRSymbols.Rd qmao/man/TimeOfDaySubset.Rd qmao/man/addVLine.Rd qmao/man/adjustIntraday.yahoo.Rd qmao/man/alignSymbols.Rd qmao/man/applyFilter.Rd qmao/man/convert.illions.Rd qmao/man/dlPowerShares.Rd qmao/man/do.call.rbind.Rd qmao/man/estAd.Rd qmao/man/gaa.Rd qmao/man/getCalendarBy.Rd qmao/man/getDividendsCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getEPS.Rd qmao/man/getEarnings.Rd qmao/man/getEarningsCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getEconomicCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.Direxion.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.FirstTrust.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.GlobalX.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.SPDR.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.WisdomTree.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.iShares.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.iShares.ca.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.ipath.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.powershares.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.selectSPDR.Rd qmao/man/getHoldings.vaneck.Rd qmao/man/getMergersCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getQuote.BATS.Rd qmao/man/getQuote.google.Rd qmao/man/getSplitsCalendar.Rd qmao/man/getSpreadDividends.Rd qmao/man/getSymbols.cfe.Rd qmao/man/getSymbols.pos.Rd qmao/man/get_div.Rd qmao/man/gsa.Rd qmao/man/has.Chg.Rd qmao/man/makeTestData.Rd qmao/man/plot.bats.Rd qmao/man/plot.depth.Rd qmao/man/plot.ladder.Rd qmao/man/print.bats.Rd qmao/man/print.depth.Rd qmao/man/print.ladder.Rd qmao/man/qmao-package.Rd qmao/man/read.masterDATA.Rd qmao/man/remove_zero_rows.Rd qmao/man/shinyBATS.Rd

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