Man pages for quantmod
Quantitative Financial Modelling Framework

addADXAdd Directional Movement Index
addBBandsAdd Bollinger Bands to Chart
addCCIAdd Commodity Channel Index
addExpiryAdd Contract Expiration Bars to Chart
addMAAdd Moving Average to Chart
addMACDAdd Moving Average Convergence Divergence to Chart
addROCAdd Rate Of Change to Chart
addRSIAdd Relative Strength Index to Chart
addSARAdd Parabolic Stop and Reversal to Chart
addSMIAdd Stochastic Momentum Indicator to Chart
addVoAdd Volume to Chart
addWPRAdd William's Percent R to Chart
adjustOHLCAdjust Open,High,Low,Close Prices For Splits and Dividends
attachSymbolsAttach and Flush DDB
buildDataCreate Data Object for Modelling
buildModelBuild quantmod model given specified fitting method
chartSeriesCreate Financial Charts
chart_SeriesExperimental Charting Version 2
chartThemeCreate A Chart Theme
chob-classA Chart Object Class
chobTA-classA Technical Analysis Chart Object
create.bindingCreate DDB Bindings
DefaultsManage Default Argument Values for quantmod Functions
DeltCalculate Percent Change
fittedModelquantmod Fitted Objects
getDividendsLoad Financial Dividend Data
getFinancialsDownload and View Financial Statements
getFXDownload Exchange Rates
getMetalsDownload Daily Metals Prices
getModelDataUpdate model's dataset
getOptionChainDownload Option Chains
getQuoteDownload Current Stock Quote
getSplitsLoad Financial Split Data
getSymbolsLoad and Manage Data from Multiple Sources
getSymbols.csvLoad Data from csv File
getSymbols.FREDDownload Federal Reserve Economic Data - FRED(R)
getSymbols.googleDownload OHLC Data From Google Finance
getSymbols.MySQLRetrieve Data from MySQL Database
getSymbols.oandaDownload Currency and Metals Data from
getSymbols.rdaLoad Data from R Binary File
getSymbols.SQLiteRetrieve Data from SQLite Database
getSymbols.yahooDownload OHLC Data From Yahoo Finance
getSymbols.yahoojDownload OHLC Data From Yahoo! Japan Finance
hasCheck For OHLC Data
internal-quantmodInternal quantmod Objects
is.quantmodTest If Object of Type quantmod
LagLag a Time Series
modelDataExtract Dataset Created by specifyModel
modelSignalExtract Model Signal Object
newTACreate A New TA Indicator For chartSeries
NextAdvance a Time Series
OHLC.TransformationsExtract and Transform OHLC Time-Series Columns
options.expiryCalculate Contract Expirations
peakFind Peaks and Valleys In A Series
periodReturnCalculate Periodic Returns
quantmod-classClass "quantmod"
quantmod.OHLCCreate Open High Low Close Object
quantmod-packageQuantitative Financial Modelling Framework
saveChartSave Chart to External File
setSymbolLookupManage Symbol Lookup Table
setTAManage TA Argument Lists
specifyModelSpecify Model Formula For quantmod Process
TAAdd Technical Indicator to Chart
tradeModelSimulate Trading of Fitted quantmod Object
zoomChartChange Zoom Level Of Current Chart
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