Man pages for realized

lltc.xtsLLTC Data
merge.realizedObjectMerging realizedObjects
rAccumulationRealized Accumulation Plot
rc.avgRealized Covariance: Average Subsample
rc.kernelRealized Covariance: Kernel
rc.naiveRealized Covariance
rc.timescaleRealized Covariance: Two Timescales
rCumSumPlot cummulative returns
rc.zeroCalculates the percentage of co-zero returns at a specified...
realized-internalInternal realized objects
realized-packageRealized Variance, Covariance and Correlation
rKernelKernel Function
rKernel.availableAvailable Kernels
rMarginalMaginal Contribution to Realized Estimate
rRealizedVarianceCalculate realized variance, covariance, or correlation.
rScatterReturnsScatterplot of aligned returns
rSignatureSignature Plots
rv.avgRealized Variance: Average Subsample
rv.kernelRealized Variance: Kernel
rv.naiveRealized Variance
rv.timescaleRealized Variance: Two Timescales
rv.zeroCalculates the percentage of zero returns at a specified...
sbux.xtsStarbucks Data
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