Man pages for rebmix
Finite Mixture Modeling, Clustering & Classification

adultAdult Dataset
AICAkaike Information Criterion
AWEApproximate Weight of Evidence Criterion
BFSMIXPredicts Class Membership Based Upon the Best First Search...
BICBayesian Information Criterion
boot.REBMIXParametric or Nonparametric Bootstrap for Standard Error and...
chunkExtracts Chunk from Train and Test Datasets
CLCClassification Likelihood Criterion
coef.REBMIXPrints Univariate or Multivariate REBMIX Coefficients
demixEmpirical Density Calculation
dfmixPredictive Marginal Density Calculation
galaxyGalaxy Dataset
HQCHannan-Quinn Information Criterion
ICLIntegrated Classification Likelihood Criterion
ICLBICApproximate Integrated Classification Likelihood Criterion
irisIris Data Set
kseqSequence of Bins or Nearest Neighbours Generation
logLLog Likelihood
MDLMinimum Description Length
PCPartition Coefficient
pemixEmpirical Distribution Function Calculation
pfmixPredictive Marginal Distribution Function Calculation
PRDTotal of Positive Relative Deviations
RCLRMIXPredicts Cluster Membership Based Upon a Model Trained by...
RCLRMIX-classClass '"RCLRMIX"'
RCLS.chunk-classClass '"RCLS.chunk"'
RCLSMIXPredicts Class Membership Based Upon a Model Trained by...
RCLSMIX-classClass '"RCLSMIX"'
REBMIXREBMIX Algorithm for Univariate or Multivariate Finite...
REBMIX.boot-classClass '"REBMIX.boot"'
REBMIX-classClass '"REBMIX"'
rebmix-internalInternal rebmix Functions
RNGMIXRandom Univariate or Multivariate Finite Mixture Generation
RNGMIX-classClass '"RNGMIX"'
splitSplits Dataset into Train and Test Datasets
SSESum of Squares Error
truckTruck Dataset
weibullWeibull Dataset 8.1
weibullnormalWeibull-normal Simulated Dataset
wineWine Recognition Data
ZpPredictive Cluster Membership
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