Man pages for rneos
XML-RPC Interface to NEOS

CreateNeosCommCreating an object for communications with NEOS
CreateXmlStringInserting CDATA into XML-templates of NEOS
NemailHelpXML-RPC method emailHelp of Neos
NeosAns-classClass "NeosAns"
NeosComm-classClass "NeosComm"
NeosJob-classClass "NeosJob"
NeosOff-classClass "NeosOff"
NeosXml-classClass "NeosXml"
NgetFinalResultsXML-RPC method getFinalResults of Neos
NgetFinalResultsNonBlockingXML-RPC method getFinalResultsNonBlocking of Neos
NgetIntermediateResultsXML-RPC method getIntermediateResults of Neos
NgetIntermediateResultsNonBlockingXML-RPC method getIntermediateResultsNonBlocking of Neos
NgetJobInfoXML-RPC method getJobInfo of Neos
NgetJobStatusXML-RPC method getJobStatus of Neos
NgetSolverTemplateXML-RPC method getSolverTemplate of Neos
NhelpXML-RPC method help of Neos
NkillJobXML-RPC method killJob of Neos
NlistAllSolversXML-RPC method listAllSolvers of Neos
NlistCategoriesXML-RPC method listCategories of Neos
NlistServersInCategoryXML-RPC method listSolversInCategory of Neos
NpingXML-RPC method ping of Neos
NprintQueueXML-RPC method printQueue of Neos
NsubmitJobXML-RPC method submitJob of Neos
NversionXML-RPC method version of Neos
NwelcomeXML-RPC method welcome of Neos
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