bwd: A subset of birthweight data used by Abrevaya (2006).

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This dataset contains a subset of the birthweight data used by Abrevaya (2006). It has observations from Arizona and washington, and only some variables are included. The entire (subset) of this data is available in JAE's online data archive.

momid3 identification number of the mother
idx index number of a mother's birth (starts with 1 and goes
to at least 2 for each mother); momid3 and idx together
describe the panel structure of the data
stateres code (1 through 51) for state of residence; see the NCHS
(National Center for Health Statistics) website for codes
dmage age of mother (in years)
dmeduc education of mother (in years)
dbirwt birthweight (in grams)
smoke indicator variable for smoking status (1=smoker,
male indicator variable for baby gender (1=male, 0=female)
year year of birth (0=1990, ..., 8=1998)
married indicator variable for marital status (1=married,
agesq age of mother squared
black indicator variable for black race (1=black, 0=white)
novisit indicator that no prenatal visit occurred
pretri2 indicator that first prenatal visit occurred in 2nd
pretri3 indicator that first prenatal visit occurred in 3nd




A dataframe with 13154 observations and 14 variables



[1] Abrevaya, J. (2006) Estimating the effect of smoking on birth outcomes using a matched panel data approach. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 21-4, pages 489–519.


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