Man pages for rrMisc
Little Helpers

cols3.themeCustom color schemes for lattict graphics
compTwoVectsCompare two numeric vectors
countDistinctSQL-command 'count(distinct ...)' convreted to R
createDefMeasuresCreate input table for descriptive table generated by...
descrTableCreate descritive table
d.sportsample data
formatPValueFormat p-values
grepColEntriesSubset of data.frame containing string
grepColFactorsGet column names of data.frame with factors
grepColNAGet attributes of data.frame which contain NAs
grepColNamesGet column names of data.frame matching a search string
grepColNegNumGet column names of data.frame who contain negative values
grepMultipleEntriesRecords with duplicates in selected columns
grepNotCompleteEntriesGet incomplete records in a data.frame
grepObjNamesFind objects whose names contain search string
grepRowNamesGet row names of data.frame matching a search string
listObjContrastsGet contrasts of data.frame
listObjSizesShow sizes of R-objects in Memory
naToZeroSubstitution of NAs in data.frame or vector
percentLabelList of percent values, e.g. for axis displays.
pFromFCalculate p-values from F-statistics.
pFromTCalculate p-values from t-statistics.
pFromZCalculate p-values from z-statistics.
rrMisc-packageSome R-helpers
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