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The one constructor method that is available for creating valid objects of class "horizontalPointCMCIZ" is documented below. Please especially see the note on extra arguments that can be passed below.


signature(standingTree = "standingTree", angleGauge = "angleGauge")


                     antithetic = FALSE,
                     description = 'Inclusion zone for horizontal point CMC sampling method',
                     spID = paste('hps.cmc',.StemEnv$randomID(),sep=':'),
                     spUnits = CRS(projargs=as.character(NA)),
  • standingTree: An object of class "standingTree" for which the inclusion zone is to be determined.

  • angleGauge: An object of class "angleGauge".

  • antithetic: TRUE: use antithetic crude Monte Carlo sampling; FALSE: just normal CMC sampling.

  • description: A character vector description of the object.

  • spID: A unique identifier that will be used in displaying the spatial polygon for the inclusion zone component of the object.

  • spUnits: A valid CRS object specifying the Coordinate Reference System. This defaults to NA, which means you want to use your own user-defined system, say for a sample plot located in the field.

  • ...: Arguments to be passed on, especially those that can be used in the call to the crudeMonteCarlo constructor for control of subsampling within the inclusion zone. This will take place when the grid cell estimates are established via CMC within the corresponding izGrid method.

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