pointRelascopeIZ-methods: Method for "pointRelascopeIZ" Object Construction in Package sampSurf


This is the one method for generic function pointRelascopeIZ in Package ‘sampSurf’ that allows for creation of objects of class "pointRelascopeIZ."


signature(downLog = "downLog", prs = "pointRelascope")


                 nptsCircle = 100,          
                 description = 'inclusion zone for down log point relascope sampling method',
                 spID = paste('prsIZ',format(runif(1,0,10000),digits=8),sep=':'),
                 spUnits = CRS(projargs=as.character(NA)),
                 ... )
  • downLog: An object of class "downLog" for which the inclusion zone is to be determined.

  • prs: An object of class "pointRelascope" that will contain the correct relascope angle, etc., for constructing the inclusion zone.

  • nptsCircle: The number of points to use in the construction of each of the dual circles comprising the inclusion area.

  • description: A character vector description of the object.

  • spID: A unique identifier that will be used in displaying the spatial polygon for the inclusion zone component of the object.

  • spUnits: A valid CRS object specifying the Coordinate Reference System. This defaults to NA, which means you want to use your own user-defined system, say for a sample plot located in the field.

  • dots: Arguments to be passed on.

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