Man pages for simplace
Interface to use the modelling framework SIMPLACE

closeProjectClose Project
createSimulationCreates a simulation and substitute parameters
getResultFetch output from a simulation
getSimplaceDirectoriesGet the directories (work-, output-, projects- and data-dir)
getSimulationIDsLists IDs of the performed simulations
getUnitsOfResultGet the units of the result variables
initSimplaceInitialisation of Framework
openProjectOpens a Simplace project
resetSimulationQueueClears the list of simulations
resultToDataframeConvert result to dataframe
resultToListConvert result to list
runProjectRuns the opened project
runSimulationsRun the created simulations
setCheckLevelSets the check level of simplace
setLogLevelSets the log level of simplace
setProjectLinesSets the lines of the project data files that should be used...
setSimplaceDirectoriesSet working-, output-, projects- and data-directory
setSimulationValuesChanges values of the current simulation
setSlotCountSets number of used CPUs
simplacesimplace: Interface to use the modelling framework SIMPLACE
stepSimulationRun simulation stepwise
varmapToListConverts the varmap to a list
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