Man pages for smde
Sparse Multivariate Differential Equations

coordinateDescentl1-penalized least squares coordinate descent
coordinateDescentMFl1-penalized matrix free least squares coordinate descent
coordinateDescentQuadl1-penalized coordinate descent
dfEffEffective degrees of freedom.
dfEffecComputation of effective degrees of freedom.
dimDimensions of multivariate model
dpredictDerivative of the predictor
fitFitting a multivariate process model
gradComputation of the gradient of the loss function
lossComputation of the squared error loss function
multModelMultivariate process models constructor
penaltyWeighted l1-norm
predict.multModelPrediction for multivariate models
progressBarYet another progress bar
responseReturns the response
riskComputation of the squared error risk.
riskHatEstimation of the risk.
smdeSparse Multivariate Differential Equations
stepOptimStepwise optimization
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