phi.update.lframe: estimate phi

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Estimate phi in a flexible manner as guided by lframe - usually involving multiple strata, and allowing for formulas other than the default choice


phi.update.lframe(obj, = FALSE, lframe, glm.frm = NULL, ...)



a matrix whose rowSums are used to estimate phi

logical - the result of the fit should be returned instead of phi


A data.frame with columns y, x, strata, orig (or matching those in glm.frm) and for which rownames(lframe)[lframe$orig] match the rownames of obj.


a formula. If omitted y ~ bs( x, knots= c(50,100) ) will be used.


curently not used


fitting phi - the probabilities that a sonicant lands in a particular bin - is crucial to estimating theta, then number of sonicants when more than one lans in a bin. bins may be defined by sonicant lengths when there is just one sample. When there are multiple samples, then one may wish to estimate phi separately for each one. lframe$strata indicates separate sample and the default glm.frm will fit each one separately.


a vector whose sum is 1.0 with one element for each row of obj


Charles C. Berry

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