sorvi: sorvi - avoimen datan tyokalupakki

Avoimen datan algoritmeja

AuthorLeo Lahti, Juuso Parkkinen and Joona Lehtomaki
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerLouhos team <>

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Man pages

BuildService: Build a WMS service description for the GDAL WMS driver.

CenterData: Shift the data matrix column means to a specified value

ConvertGADMPosition2Region: Find municipality (kunta), subregion (seutukunta), region...

ConvertGADMResolution: Convert GADM map resolution identifiers between strings and...

ConvertMunicipalityNames: Convert municipality names into standard versions

dfsort: Sort data frame

fi.en.maakunnat: fi.en.maakunnat data documentation

FindProvince: List province for each municipality in Finland.

GenerateMapColours: Generate color indices for shape object with the aim to color

GetApurahat: Load 'apurahat'

GetCapabilities: Get WMS capabilities (meta data)

GetElectionResultsPresidentti2012: Load presidential election 2012 results from HS Next

GetGADM: Get map data in GADM format

GetGeocodeGoogleMaps: Get geo code from Google Map

GetGeocodeOpenStreetMap: Get geo code from OpenStreetMap

GetHKK: Retrieve HKK data

GetHRIaluejakokartat: Preprocess 'aluejakokartat' from HRI

GetHSY: Retrieve HSY data

GetLukiot: Preprocess lukio data

GetMunicipalElectionData2000: GetMunicipalElectionData2000

GetMunicipalElectionData2004: GetMunicipalElectionData2004

GetMunicipalElectionData2008: GetMunicipalElectionData2008

GetMunicipalityInfo: Get information of Finnish municipalities from Statistics...

GetMunicipalityInfoMML: Get information of Finnish municipalities from Land Survey...

GetMunicipalityInfoStatFi: Get information of Finnish municipalities from Statistics...

GetOikotie: Preprocess Oikotie data

GetOmakaupunki: Access Omakaupunki data

GetPalvelukartta: Access Paakaupunkiseudun Palvelukartta data

GetParliamentaryElectionData: GetParliamentaryElectionData

GetPopulationRegister: Retrieve population register data

GetPostalCodeInfo: Get Finnish postal codes vs. municipalities table from...

GetPresidentti2012: Load Presidentti2012 data

GetProvinceInfo: Get information of Finnish provinces.

GetPXTilastokeskus: Get PC Axis data with custom preprocessing for PC Axis files...

GetShapeMML: Shows how the MML Shape files have been converted into the...

GetStaticmapGoogleMaps: Load static Google Map

GetThemeMap: Get map theme

GetVaalipiiri: Load Vaalipiiri information Useful for mapping election data...

GetWMSlayers: Get WMS layers

GetWMSraster: Get WMS raster.

GetWorldbankMigration: Load migration data for given countries from Worldbank

HRI.aluejakokartat: HRI.aluejakokartat data documentation

is.url: Check if the given object is an url string

korvaa.skandit: Replace special characters with standard ones.

ListWMSurls: List all the URLs associated with one of the standard WMSs.

LoadWMSurl: Get the URL associated with one of the standard WMSs.

MergeSpatial: Merge a list of Spatial*DataFrame objects into one...

MML: MML data documentation

PlotMatrix: Visualize a matrix with one or two-way color scale. TODO:...

PlotScale: Visualize color scale for PlotMatrix output NOTE:...

PlotShape: Visualize the specified fields of a shape object on using 1-...

PreprocessPresidentti2012: Preprocess Presidentti2012 question data

PreprocessPresidentti2012UserData: Preprocess user answer data for HS vaalikone 2012

PreprocessShapeMML: Preprocessing function for MML data

PreprocessWMS: Create a WMS object.

Presidentti2012CandidateAnswers2Numeric: For Presidentti2012 candidate answers, form numerical rating...

Presidentti2012ConvertOptionsToNumeric: For Presidentti2012 answers, form numerical rating in [0, 1]...

Presidentti2012GetUserData: Get user answer data for HS vaalikone 2012

Presidentti2012RateChoices: For Presidentti2012 answers, form numerical rating (in...

Presidentti2012RetrieveAnswerText: For Presidentti2012 answers, get answer IDs, text and rating...

ReadShape: Retrieve shape objects by their file names.

set.breaks: Set breaks for color palette. Internal function.

sorvi-package: Algorithmic Tools for Open Data in Finland - soRvi:...

SplitSpatial: Split a Spatial*DataFrame object into a list of...

Strip: Strip string i.e. remove spaces from the beginning and end

strstrip: Remove spaces from a string (single string or vector/list of...

strstrip.single: Remove spaces from a single string

translations: translations data documentation

UnitScale: Scale data matrix columns to unit variance


Arguments: Man page
BuildService Man page
CenterData Man page
ConvertGADMPosition2Region Man page
ConvertGADMResolution Man page
ConvertMunicipalityNames Man page
dfsort Man page
fi.en.maakunnat Man page
FindProvince Man page
GenerateMapColours Man page
GetApurahat Man page
GetCapabilities Man page
GetElectionResultsPresidentti2012 Man page
GetGADM Man page
GetGeocodeGoogleMaps Man page
GetGeocodeOpenStreetMap Man page
GetHKK Man page
GetHRIaluejakokartat Man page
get.hsy Man page
GetHSY Man page
GetLukiot Man page
GetMunicipalElectionData2000 Man page
GetMunicipalElectionData2004 Man page
GetMunicipalElectionData2008 Man page Man page
GetMunicipalityInfo Man page
GetMunicipalityInfoMML Man page
GetMunicipalityInfoStatFi Man page
GetOikotie Man page
GetOmakaupunki Man page
GetPalvelukartta Man page
GetParliamentaryElectionData Man page
GetPopulationRegister Man page
GetPostalCodeInfo Man page Man page
GetPresidentti2012 Man page Man page
GetProvinceInfo Man page
GetPXTilastokeskus Man page
GetShapeMML Man page
GetStaticmapGoogleMaps Man page
GetThemeMap Man page
GetVaalipiiri Man page
GetWMSlayers Man page
GetWMSraster Man page
GetWorldbankMigration Man page
HRI.aluejakokartat Man page
is.url Man page
korvaa.skandit Man page
ListWMSurls Man page
LoadWMSurl Man page
MergeSpatial Man page
MML Man page
municipality2province Man page
PlotMatrix Man page
PlotScale Man page
PlotShape Man page
PreprocessPresidentti2012 Man page
PreprocessPresidentti2012UserData Man page
preprocess.shape.mml Man page
PreprocessShapeMML Man page
PreprocessWMS Man page
Presidentti2012CandidateAnswers2Numeric Man page
Presidentti2012ConvertOptionsToNumeric Man page
Presidentti2012GetUserData Man page
Presidentti2012RateChoices Man page
Presidentti2012RetrieveAnswerText Man page
ReadShape Man page
set.breaks Man page
sorvi Man page
sorvi-package Man page
SplitSpatial Man page
Strip Man page
strstrip Man page
strstrip.single Man page
translations Man page
UnitScale Man page


R/HSY.R R/wms.R R/Tilastokeskus-vaalidata.R R/Oikotie.R R/utilities.R R/HRI.R R/sorvi-package.R R/AllClasses.R R/kulttuuri.R R/firstlib.R R/ R/HKK.R R/maps.R R/koulut.R R/ R/gadm.R R/AllGenerics.R R/show-methods.R R/mml.R R/tilastokeskus.R R/worldbank.R R/data.documentation.R R/visualization.R R/population.register.R R/elections.R
man/SplitSpatial.Rd man/ConvertGADMPosition2Region.Rd man/GetWorldbankMigration.Rd man/strstrip.Rd man/GetGeocodeGoogleMaps.Rd man/GetMunicipalityInfo.Rd man/GetHRIaluejakokartat.Rd man/ConvertGADMResolution.Rd man/GenerateMapColours.Rd man/GetMunicipalElectionData2004.Rd man/PreprocessPresidentti2012.Rd man/GetLukiot.Rd man/PreprocessPresidentti2012UserData.Rd man/GetElectionResultsPresidentti2012.Rd man/Presidentti2012ConvertOptionsToNumeric.Rd man/set.breaks.Rd man/MergeSpatial.Rd man/GetHSY.Rd man/GetOikotie.Rd man/ConvertMunicipalityNames.Rd man/GetGeocodeOpenStreetMap.Rd man/sorvi-package.Rd man/CenterData.Rd man/is.url.Rd man/PreprocessWMS.Rd man/strstrip.single.Rd man/ReadShape.Rd man/GetPopulationRegister.Rd man/ListWMSurls.Rd man/GetPXTilastokeskus.Rd man/GetApurahat.Rd man/GetWMSraster.Rd man/GetVaalipiiri.Rd man/FindProvince.Rd man/GetCapabilities.Rd man/PreprocessShapeMML.Rd man/korvaa.skandit.Rd man/MML.Rd man/GetPostalCodeInfo.Rd man/BuildService.Rd man/GetThemeMap.Rd man/GetPalvelukartta.Rd man/PlotScale.Rd man/fi.en.maakunnat.Rd man/PlotMatrix.Rd man/GetWMSlayers.Rd man/translations.Rd man/Presidentti2012RetrieveAnswerText.Rd man/GetHKK.Rd man/GetProvinceInfo.Rd man/GetMunicipalElectionData2008.Rd man/GetShapeMML.Rd man/GetMunicipalityInfoMML.Rd man/LoadWMSurl.Rd man/UnitScale.Rd man/GetGADM.Rd man/GetParliamentaryElectionData.Rd man/HRI.aluejakokartat.Rd man/GetMunicipalElectionData2000.Rd man/Presidentti2012RateChoices.Rd man/Strip.Rd man/GetPresidentti2012.Rd man/dfsort.Rd man/Presidentti2012CandidateAnswers2Numeric.Rd man/PlotShape.Rd man/GetStaticmapGoogleMaps.Rd man/GetMunicipalityInfoStatFi.Rd man/Presidentti2012GetUserData.Rd man/GetOmakaupunki.Rd

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