penicilliumYES: Data set of three species of Penicillium fungi

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The data set penicilliumYES has 36 rows and 3754 columns. The variables are 1st order statistics from multi-spectral images of three species of Penicillium fungi: Melanoconidium, Polonicum, and Venetum. These are the data used in the Clemmemsen et al "Sparse Discriminant Analysis" paper.




This data set contains the following matrices:


A matrix with 36 columns and 3754 rows. The training and test data. The first 12 rows are P. Melanoconidium species, rows 13-24 are P. Polonicum species, and the last 12 rows are P. Venetum species. The samples are ordered so that each pair of three is from the same isolate.


A matrix of dummy variables for the training data.


Z matrix of probabilities for the subcalsses of the training data.


The X matrix is not normalized.



Clemmensen, Hansen, Frisvad, Ersboell (2007) "A method for comparison of growth media in objective identification of Penicillium based on multi-spectral imaging" Journal of Microbiological Methods

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