Man pages for sse
Sample Size Estimation

exDat-methodsMethods for Function exDat
inspect-methodsMethods for Function inspect
nExtracting the actual n
plot-methodsPlot functions
powCalcPower calculation
powCalc-classClass "powCalc"
powCalc-methodsMethods for Function powCalc
power-classClass "power"
powExConstructing an object of class powEx.
powEx-classClass "powEx"
powParConstructing an object of class powPar.
powPar-classClass "powPar"
ppExtracting all elements of an object of class powPar by their...
pp-methodsMethods for Function pp
Resample-classClass "Resample"
sampleSizeMethods for Function sampleSize
SampleSize-classClass "SampleSize"
tex-methodsMethods for Function tex
thetaExtracting the actual theta.
xiExtracting the actual xi.
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