Man pages for stacomirtools
'ODBC' Connection Class for Package stacomiR

chnamesThis function replaces the variable names in a data.frame
ConnectionODBC-classClass "ConnectionODBC"
connect-methodsMethods for Function connect
exex fonction to write to the clipboard
funhtmlfunction used to print the html tables of output (see xtable...
funoutFunction loaded in this package to avoid errors, if the...
indukunique values of a vector
is.evenis.even function modified from package sma
is.oddid.odd function modified from package sma
killfactorvery usefull function remove factor that appear, noticeably...
RequeteODBC-classClass "RequeteODBC"
RequeteODBCwhere-classClass "RequeteODBCwhere"
RequeteODBCwheredate-classClass "RequeteODBCwheredate"
stacomirtools-packageRODBC connector class and some utilities
tab2dfFunction to transform a ftable into dataframe but just...
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