ternaryplot: Infrastructure for ternary plots and ternary classifications (S3-classes)

Infrastructure for ternary plots and ternary classifications (S3-classes)

AuthorJulien MOEYS <Julien.Moeys@slu.se>
Date of publication2016-01-07 09:05:47
MaintainerJulien MOEYS <Julien.Moeys@slu.se>

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Man pages

blrClock-methods: Set or get the bottom-left-right orientation of a...

blrLabels-methods: Set or get the bottom-left-right axis labels of a...

blrNames-methods: Set or get the bottom-left-right axis names of a...

createTernaryGeometry: Creates a ternaryGeometry object: ternary plot geometry...

createTernaryGrid-methods: Create a regular ternary grid. Base frame for binning ternary...

createTernarySystem: Creates a ternarySystem object: ternary plot system...

createTernaryVariables: Creates a ternaryVariables object: ternary plot variables...

deg2rad: Converts angles expressed in degrees into radian.

fracSum-methods: Set or get the sum of the three fractions of a ternarySystem...

getTernarySystem: Fetch a pre-defined ternary classification system

getTpPar: Get a single default parameters for the package.

listTernarySystem: List all pre-defined ternary classification systems

print.ternaryGeometry: Print the content of a ternaryGeometry object in a human...

print.ternarySystem: Print the content of a ternarySystem object in a human...

print.ternaryVariables: Print the content of a ternaryVariables object in a human...

ternary2SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-methods: Converts ternary*-class objects to SpatialPolygonsDataFrame

ternary2xy-methods: Converts ternary point-data into x-y coordinates

ternaryArrows-methods: Add Arrows to a ternary plot

ternaryAxisArrowsBase-methods: INTERNAL. Calculates arrows segments start and end for...

ternaryAxisArrows-methods: INTERNAL: Draw axis' arrows and arrows' label marks on a...

ternaryAxis-methods: Add axis to a ternary plot (axis lines, ticks, labels, titles...

ternaryBox-methods: Draw a Box around a ternary plot

ternaryCheck-methods: Check the validity of ternary*-class objects

ternaryClockSwitch: INTERNAL. Fetch a pre-defined ternary classification system

ternaryData-methods: Converts tabular data to ternary data, and perform some...

ternaryGeometry-methods: Set or get the ternaryGeometry of a ternarySystem object

ternaryGridBase-methods: INTERNAL. Calculates start- and end-points of grid segments...

ternaryGrid-methods: Add Grid to a ternary plot

ternaryLims-methods: INTERNAL: Find optimal axis limits for a ternary plot.

ternaryPlot-methods: Generic ternary-data plotting

ternaryplot-package: Ternary plots and ternary classifications

ternaryPoints-methods: Add points to a ternary plot

ternarySegments-methods: Draw a sequence of ternary segments on a triangle plot

ternaryText-methods: Add Text to a ternary plot

ternaryTicks-methods: INTERNAL: Draw axis' tick marks on a triangle plot

ternaryVariables-methods: Set or get the ternaryVariables of a ternarySystem object.

ternaryWindow-methods: Set up World Coordinates for a ternary plot (invisible base...

tlrAngles-methods: Set or get the top, left and right angles of a ternary system...

tpPar: Get or set default parameters for the package.


blrClock Man page
blrClock<- Man page
blrClock<-.ternaryGeometry Man page
blrClock.ternaryGeometry Man page
blrClock<-.ternarySystem Man page
blrClock.ternarySystem Man page
blrLabels Man page
blrLabels<- Man page
blrLabels<-.ternarySystem Man page
blrLabels.ternarySystem Man page
blrLabels<-.ternaryVariables Man page
blrLabels.ternaryVariables Man page
blrNames Man page
blrNames<- Man page
blrNames<-.ternarySystem Man page
blrNames.ternarySystem Man page
blrNames<-.ternaryVariables Man page
blrNames.ternaryVariables Man page
createTernaryGeometry Man page
createTernaryGrid Man page
createTernaryGrid.character Man page
createTernaryGrid.ternarySystem Man page
createTernarySystem Man page
createTernaryVariables Man page
deg2rad Man page
fracSum Man page
fracSum<- Man page
fracSum<-.ternaryGeometry Man page
fracSum.ternaryGeometry Man page
fracSum<-.ternarySystem Man page
fracSum.ternarySystem Man page
getTernarySystem Man page
getTpPar Man page
listTernarySystem Man page
print.ternaryGeometry Man page
print.ternarySystem Man page
print.ternaryVariables Man page
ternary2SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Man page
ternary2SpatialPolygonsDataFrame.ternaryPolygons Man page
ternary2xy Man page
ternary2xy.character Man page
ternary2xy.ternaryData Man page
ternary2xy.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryArrows Man page
ternaryArrows.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryAxis Man page
.ternaryAxisArrows Man page
.ternaryAxisArrowsBase Man page
.ternaryAxisArrowsBase.ternarySystem Man page
.ternaryAxisArrows.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryAxis.character Man page
ternaryAxis.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryBox Man page
ternaryBox.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryCheck Man page
ternaryCheck.ternaryGeometry Man page
ternaryCheck.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryCheck.ternaryVariables Man page
.ternaryClockSwitch Man page
ternaryData Man page
ternaryData.character Man page
ternaryData.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryGeometry Man page
ternaryGeometry<- Man page
ternaryGeometry<-.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryGeometry.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryGrid Man page
.ternaryGridBase Man page
.ternaryGridBase.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryGrid.ternarySystem Man page
.ternaryLims Man page
.ternaryLims.character Man page
.ternaryLims.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryPlot Man page
ternaryPlot.character Man page
ternaryplot-package Man page
ternaryPlot.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryPoints Man page
ternaryPoints.ternarySystem Man page
ternarySegments Man page
ternarySegments.ternarySystem Man page
ternarySystem Man page
ternaryText Man page
ternaryText.ternarySystem Man page
.ternaryTicks Man page
.ternaryTicks.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryVariables Man page
ternaryVariables<- Man page
ternaryVariables<-.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryVariables.ternarySystem Man page
ternaryWindow Man page
ternaryWindow.character Man page
ternaryWindow.ternarySystem Man page
tlrAngles Man page
tlrAngles<- Man page
tlrAngles<-.ternaryGeometry Man page
tlrAngles.ternaryGeometry Man page
tlrAngles<-.ternarySystem Man page
tlrAngles.ternarySystem Man page
tpPar Man page


R/aa00-ternaryplot-package.R R/aa01-ternaryplot-options.R R/aa02-ternaryplot-classes.R R/aa03-ternaryplot-classes-utility.R R/aa04-ternarysystems.R R/aa05-ternarydata.R R/aa06-ternary2xy.R R/aa07-plotUtilities.R R/onattach.R R/otherTernaryPlots.R R/tableOfContent.R R/ternarygrid.R R/ternaryplot.R
inst/examples/createTernaryGeometry-example.R inst/examples/createTernarySystem-example.R inst/examples/createTernaryVariables-example.R inst/examples/ternaryPlot-example.R
man/blrClock-methods.Rd man/blrLabels-methods.Rd man/blrNames-methods.Rd man/createTernaryGeometry.Rd man/createTernaryGrid-methods.Rd man/createTernarySystem.Rd man/createTernaryVariables.Rd man/deg2rad.Rd man/fracSum-methods.Rd man/getTernarySystem.Rd man/getTpPar.Rd man/listTernarySystem.Rd man/print.ternaryGeometry.Rd man/print.ternarySystem.Rd man/print.ternaryVariables.Rd man/ternary2SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-methods.Rd man/ternary2xy-methods.Rd man/ternaryArrows-methods.Rd man/ternaryAxis-methods.Rd man/ternaryAxisArrows-methods.Rd man/ternaryAxisArrowsBase-methods.Rd man/ternaryBox-methods.Rd man/ternaryCheck-methods.Rd man/ternaryClockSwitch.Rd man/ternaryData-methods.Rd man/ternaryGeometry-methods.Rd man/ternaryGrid-methods.Rd man/ternaryGridBase-methods.Rd man/ternaryLims-methods.Rd man/ternaryPlot-methods.Rd man/ternaryPoints-methods.Rd man/ternarySegments-methods.Rd man/ternaryText-methods.Rd man/ternaryTicks-methods.Rd man/ternaryVariables-methods.Rd man/ternaryWindow-methods.Rd man/ternaryplot-package.Rd man/tlrAngles-methods.Rd man/tpPar.Rd

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