xmlschemaHelper: Tools for reading XML Schema within R

Reads simple XML schema and returns details of user-specified elements

AuthorLucy Bastin and Ankita Goyal
Date of publication2013-01-23 17:49:09
MaintainerLucy Bastin <l.bastin@aston.ac.uk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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classifyType Man page
elementExistsInSchema Man page
getAttributeDetailsForElementTypeDef Man page
getAttributesAndElementsForElementName Man page
getBaseType Man page
getBaseTypeDetails Man page
getDirectTypeDefForElement Man page
getDirectTypeDefForElementName Man page
getDirectTypeNameForElement Man page
getElementByName Man page
getElementDetails Man page
getElementExtensionBase Man page
getElementListBase Man page
getElementRestrictionBase Man page
getMinMaxValues Man page
getNamespaceDefinitions Man page
getSubElementDetailsForElementTypeDef Man page
getTypeDefinitionFromTypeDefName Man page
isUncertaintyType Man page
xmlschemaHelper-package} \docType{package} \title{Tools for read Man page

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