Man pages for ASSIGN
Adaptive Signature Selection and InteGratioN (ASSIGN)

assign.convergenceCheck the convergence of the MCMC chain validation output
assign.mcmcThe Gibbs sampling algorithm to approximate the joint...
assign.outputPrediction/validation output for test data
assign.preprocessInput data preprocessing
assign.summarySummary of the model parameters estimated by the Gibbs...
assign.wrapperASSIGN All-in-one function
ComBat.step2Perform the second step of ComBat
excludegenesExclude Gene List
gather_assign_resultsGather the ASSIGN results in a specific directory
geneList1Pathway signature gene sets
gfrn_geneListPathway Signature Gene Lists
merge_dropCombine two data frames
optimizeGFRNOptimize GFRN gene lists lengths
pcaplotDisplay a PCA Plot of the Data
runassignGFRNRun optimized single pathway ASSIGN
testData1Gene expression profiling from cancer patients (test dataset)
trainingData1Gene expression profiling from cell line perturbation...
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