API for AUCell
AUCell: Analysis of 'gene set' activity in single-cell RNA-seq data (e.g. identify cells with specific gene signatures)

Global functions
AUC.geneSet Source code
AUCell_buildRankings Man page Source code
AUCell_buildRankings,ExpressionSet-method Man page
AUCell_buildRankings,SummarizedExperiment-method Man page
AUCell_buildRankings,matrix-method Man page
AUCell_calcAUC Man page Source code
AUCell_calcAUC,GeneSet-method Man page
AUCell_calcAUC,GeneSetCollection-method Man page
AUCell_calcAUC,character-method Man page
AUCell_calcAUC,list-method Man page
AUCell_exploreThresholds Man page Source code
AUCell_plot Man page Source code
auc Source code
auc_assignmnetThreshold_v6 Source code
auc_plot Source code
aucellResults Man page
aucellResults-class Man page
getAUC Man page Man page
getAUC,aucellResults-method Man page
getRanking Man page Man page
getRanking,aucellResults-method Man page
nGenes Man page
nGenes,GeneSet-method Man page
nGenes,GeneSetCollection-method Man page
plotGeneCount Man page Source code
setGeneSetNames Man page
setGeneSetNames,GeneSetCollection-method Man page
show Man page
show,aucellResults-method Man page
subsetGeneSets Man page
subsetGeneSets,GeneSetCollection-method Man page
updateAucellResults Man page Source code
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