Man pages for AffiXcan
A functional approach to impute Genetically Regulated Expression

affiXcanBsFit a linear model and compute ANOVA p value
affiXcanGReXCompute a GReX from variables and their coefficients for a...
affiXcanImputeImpute a GReX for each gene for which a model was generated
AffiXcan-packageA functional approach to impute GReX
affiXcanPcaPerform a PCA on each experiment found in...
affiXcanPcsCompute PCs in MultiAssayExperiment objects using...
affiXcanTrainTrain the model needed to impute a GReX for each gene
assoc2listReorganize associations table in a list
computeBsFit a linear model to impute a GReX for a certain gene
computeExprCompute the imputed GReX for a certain gene on a set of...
computePcaPerform a PCA on a matrix where columns are variables
computePcsCompute a matrix product between variables and eigenvectors
exprMatrixExpression data of two genes for 229 individuals
overlookRegionsCount the number of genomic regions on which the TBA was...
regionAssocAssociations between regulatory regions and expressed genes
trainingCovariatesCovariates of the population structure for 229 individuals
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