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Check availability of Rook and fork for vignettes





Provide FALSE here if you want to simulate not having valid installed copies of rook/fork, without actually having to delete them. Normally you should not supply this argument


Check availability of Rook and fork for vignettes. This function is only meant to be called at the top of the ExampleServers.Rmd and InteractiveApps.Rmd vignettes. It checks that the user has Rook >= 1.1 and fork installed. If not, then it emits a useful message about how to install it, and that the vignette will not build with all features. It also writes functions kill.process, readLines (yes! be careful!), startRookAnalysisPageServer and in the Global namespace to avoid calling the real functuons and instead just emit a short message that Rook/fork are not available. The message is also available in the global variable no.rook.fork.msg.

Really, you shouldn't use this function except if you are writing a new vignette.


TRUE if Rook (>= 1.1) and fork are available, otherwise FALSE.


Are you sure you really want to use this function? Probably not, unless you are calling it from the top of a new vignette. Otherwise your are really asking for trouble messing up your global namespace. See Details.

Why are you still here? Didn't I tell you not to call this function?


Brad Friedman

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