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Link into the app in a particular state


1, params = list(), submit = TRUE, relative = "")



AnalysisPage object. The name will be extracted from this object and its AnalysisPageParamSet will be used to validate the params argument. Or, you can provide a character string. Then you won't get the parameter value checking for free but you will get the page name.


Named list of parameter values. If page is an AnalysisPage then they will be validated using the parameter set of that page.


If submit is true then turn on a flag that says that the analysis should be submitted. Otherwise the link will open the primary parameter area. It is an error to supply params if submit = FALSE (this may be allowed in the future, but right now it is not supported.). Default: TRUE


String. This string will be prepended to the relative URL beginning with "?". Default is empty string, so you would get something like "#page/2way/...". If you gave, for example "" then you would get "". In RApache context the Global variable SERVER$headers_in$Referer is very useful for this.


It is possible to encode the application state into a URL which will then be executed by the front end. There are 2 parts to the state, and each is supplied as one argument to this function (which then becomes one URL-encoded parameter in the link)


The name of the page within the app, such as "2way"


A subset of parameters and their values, already filled out


A relative URL beginning with "#", or a full URL if relative is provide


Brad Friedman


1"mypage", params=list(foo=1))

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