Man pages for BioNetStat
Biological Network Analysis

adjacencyMatrixAdjacency matrix
centralityPathPlotStructural measures of vertices view in metabolic pathways
diffNetAnalysisDifferential network analysis method
doLabelsClass vector of data table
edgeTestEdge score equality test
KLdegreeKullback-Liebler divergence among the density functions of...
KLspectrumKullback-Liebler divergence among the spectral density...
labelsLabels of glioma tissues in gene expression
nDegreeDensitiesDensity functions of the degrees of n graphs
networkFeatureNetwork features
networkTestNetwork equality test
nodeScoresNode scores
nodeTestNode score equality test
nSpectralDensitiesSpectral Density functions of n graphs
pathPlotVariable values view in metabolic pathways
readSetFileRead a collection of variables sets (*.txt)
readVarFileRead variable values matrix
runBioNetStatRun BNS
varFileGene expression in glioma tissues
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