Man pages for BioSeqClass
Classification for Biological Sequences

basicAssistant Functions
classifyClassification with Specific Features and Cross-Validation
featureAAindexFeature Coding by physicochemical/biochemical properties in...
featureBDNAVIDEOFeature Coding by DNA/RNA property
featureBinaryFeature Coding by Binary Vectors
featureCKSAAPFeature Coding by k-spaced Aminoacids/Base Pairs
featureCTDFeature Coding by composition, transition and distribution
featureDIPRODBFeature Coding by Dinucleotide Property
featureDOMAINFeature Coding by doamin organization
featureEvaluateEvaluate Different Feature Coding Schemas
featureFragmentCompositionFeature Coding by the composition of k-mer fragments
featureGapPairCompositionFeature Coding by g-spaced aminoacids/bases pairs
featureHydroFeature Coding by hydrophobicity
featurePseudoAACompFeature Coding by Pseudo Amino Acid Composiion
featurePSSMFeature Coding
featureSSCFeature Coding by secondary structure
hrHomolog Reduction
modelClassification Models
performancePerformance Evaluation
selectFFSfeature forward selection
selectWekaFeature Selection by Weka
zzzLoad packages and data
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