BiocNeighborParam: The BiocNeighborParam class

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A virtual class for specifying the type of nearest-neighbor search algorithm and associated parameters.


The BiocNeighborParam class is a virtual base class on which other parameter objects are built. There are currently 4 concrete subclasses:

KmknnParam: exact nearest-neighbor search with the KMKNN algorithm.

VptreeParam: exact nearest-neighbor search with the VP tree algorithm.

AnnoyParam: approximate nearest-neighbor search with the Annoy algorithm.

HnswParam: approximate nearest-neighbor search with the HNSW algorithm.

These objects hold parameters specifying how each algorithm should be run on an arbitrary data set. See the associated documentation pages for more details.



Display the class of a BiocNeighborParam object.


Return a string specifying the distance metric to be used for searching, usually "Euclidean" or "Manhattan".


Aaron Lun

See Also

KmknnParam, VptreeParam, AnnoyParam, and HnswParam for constructors.

buildIndex, findKNN and queryKNN for dispatch.

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