Man pages for CRImage
CRImage a package to classify cells and calculate tumour cellularity

calculateCellularityCalculation of tumour cellularity
calculateMeanStdTargetCalculates Mean and Standard deviation of an image
calculateOtsuDoes Otsu thresholding
classifyCellsA function to classify cells
colorCorrectionColor transfer between images.
convertHSVToRGBConversion from HSV color space to RGB color space
convertLABToRGBConversion of LAB colour space to RGB colour space
convertRGBToHSVConversion from RGB color space to HSV color space
convertRGBToLABConverts RGB to LAB color space.
correctCopyNumberAllelic Copy Number correction for cellularity
createClassifierConstruction of a classifier
CRImage-internalInternal CRImage Functions
CRImage-packageCRImage is a package to analyze images and classify cells.
labelCellsInteractive Session for cell labeling
plotCorrectedCNPlot CN profiles corrected for cellularity
processAperioCellularity Calculation of Aperio TX Scanner
SauvolaThresholdDo Sauvola thresholding
segmentImageSegmentation of an image
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